Monday, August 31, 2015


Response To: Top 10 Comments
 by Rabbi Brovender

The article is here:

I agree with most everything he said except this:

"Learning Gemarah is the central and key Jewish learning experience. We are the results of over 2000 years of generations of intellectual enterprise. Learning Gemarah is an ongoing process which connects us to the Netziv, Reb Chayim, the Kzot, the Netivot and the Rambam."

This is the central problem: "connects us to the Netziv, Reb Chayim, the Kzot, the Netivot and the Rambam."

But not to HaAvot, HaEmahot and HaNevi'im. And that is the whole problem in a nutshell.
The people who learn Talmud principally never connect directly with the Generations before the Second Temple Period, during which time the learning was already highly corrupted.

The Geula *must* include all of the Generations. And to make that connection one must go back to the Ground - Ohel Sara.

No one who refuses to go deeper than the Second Temple Period ever hits deep Eretz, never knows what Nachalah really is. Never returns HOME.

Notice too that learning Talmud is described as an "intellectual enterprise". We were all raised to think that Jewish learning is an "intellectual enterprise".
The real learning is down in the kishkes. That is where the Secrets are buried. Anyone who doesn't get down to their guts, doesn't get Home and never experiences T'chiat HaMetim. They are afraid of the experience of T'chiat HaMetim and push it off to some imaginary future.

Rabbi Brovender's Father, notice, knew Chumash by Heart. THAT is the real deal.

The emphasis on learning Talmud was designed to keep Jews floating. It provides the illusion of learning. But it never goes quite deep enough. It never gets to the level of the living Flesh. It perpetuates the golah. It's for sissies afraid to go down into the Tehome, which is where HaAvot, HaEmahot and HaNeviim are buried within us.

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