Wednesday, February 22, 2017


If I could, I would say this to every Rabbi and every Jew who thinks they are Torah observant:

Torah is not a book of ceremonies. Torah is the Book of Life and it is the Book of Creation. What you are doing when you do your ceremonies is doing a very strange enactment of the processes of Life. In doing those strange simulations of the processes of Life, you and the other Jews who think you are doing HaMitzvot, who are distancing yourself from Your Self are creating a world that is a simulation. You are creating this world as a world of illusion because you are not doing the real Mitzvot, which is living Life in Holiness. Then you wonder how it is that you are living in a world of lies and illusion and deception. Did you ever stop to ask honestly where the world of illusion came from? It is precisely your doing mitzvot symbolically that is creating a world that is not real.
You are running away from Life and taking refuge in something like a child's play in grade school in which a person pretends to be a leg or a lung or an arm for the sake of display. You are acting in a play of Life, and thinking it is the real thing. HaMikdash was never destroyed. HaMikdash never was a building of stone with cold metal implements. It is our Bodies and every Holy thing that we do together with our Bodies in the Creation.
If you tell the Creation that Mashiach will come one day, you are issuing the Creation a directive to keep the Mashiach coming one day but never arriving - perpetually. Is that what you want?
Please, PLEASE, have mercy on yourself and on the creation and abandon this simulation and return to being Ein Sof B'Guf - because that is who we really are.

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