Friday, June 24, 2016

The True Laws of Noach (Noah)

For years before we are considered legally responsible by those who enforce our legal systems, we are educated to unquestioningly accept presumptions about "the laws of nature".

We are taught that time moves in one direction. We are taught that we are bound by the laws of gravity. We are taught that we can't walk through objects. We are taught that only one object can be at one place at one time. (Recently we are taught that "quantum effects" exist, but only on very small scales [whatever that means]). We are taught that matter (more recently energy) cannot be created or destroyed.

It is only when we have accepted all of these lies as absolutely, obdurate truth that cannot be annulled that the system of laws can be imposed on us, because it is only then that we can be jailed or made indigent or homeless or tortured if we do not comply with the law.
None of those threats are in any way meaningful unless we are utterly convinced that the laws of nature they taught us as children are true.

Those degraded and cruelly limiting laws of nature aren't necessarily true. They are only true on a certain range of morality. If we undertake to live in accordance with the Righteous who follow God's true Laws of nature, those other, lesser, untrue laws are nullified in our eyes and we move into another interpretation of Reality.

When we find the sacred Place within us, where God's Laws reign supreme we are gradually absorbed into it. As we are, the laws under which we lived become less binding. Eventually, they are nullified completely.