Friday, June 24, 2016

Natural Law

The way in which we define Natural Law, the presumptions we have about how nature works, of which we are convinced, and what we believe implicitly is natural law determines how nature presents itself to us.
It is only if we accept and believe whole-heartedly that the way we were taught in school that nature works is true that man-made laws can be incumbent upon us. What we were taught in school were presumptions and cruelly hobbling limitations based on fear, not Love.
It is only if we truly believe that a wall can hold us, that shackles can bind us; that instruments of punishment can be laid upon us that man-made laws that threaten us with such things can be incumbent upon us.
Natural Law is precedent to man-made law and all man-made laws are based on presumptions about what is and is not possible in the natural world.
If we seek to live only under God's highest order of Natural Law we will be protected by those Laws from all other, lower, forms of law.
When we commit ourselves completely to live according to God's Natural Law all other systems of law are nullified before us.
This is the meaning of The Promised Land.
It is only when we enter God's natural Laws that we can begin to see Torah in God's natural Light and be able to read it properly and understand it. Right now we are trying to read Torah in a very dim light, the dimness of which is an effect of our limiting misconceptions.
The Rabbis do not see the Light that is called The Light of the Seven Days of Creation. If they did, they would interpret Torah very, very differently.