Sunday, June 26, 2016


We are all born into this world pregnant. We are pregnant with a Vision of World. The Utmost Directive is to protect that Child of God within the womb of our Imagination until it is strong enough to be born.

The greatest danger to that Child is its exposure to the Infinite Light before it is ready to withstand the full force of the Revelation of God. It cannot face God until it is able to know that it is God.

To the purpose of keeping that from happening, we take on a many-layered and extremely sophisticated system of shields around us.

In order to keep ourselves in a state of self-induced amnesia, we tell ourselves that "we are just human". Some go so far as to say they are just sophisticated beasts. Some make God into an impossibly abstracted Other. Some deny God altogether. We take on illness and poverty, weakness and vulnerability. We take on humiliations and degradation and handicaps and all manners of problems – all designed to make us forget that we are God so that the Child within us will be protected from Infinity before it is ready.

But there is no need to suffer sorrows in order to keep ourselves in the illusion of being Human until we can birth OurSelves as God. It is not necessary to be depressed and suffer.

Quite the contrary, just as the most effective way to tolerate the heat and light of the sun is to expose ourselves to it in increments, so the best way to make ourselves gradually ready to be able to stand in the Light of God is to accustom ourselves to Joy and pure forms of Enjoyment.

We are meant to enjoy this world and make it a place of greater enjoyment for all. In this way we become strengthened and our tolerance for Joy grows.

Eventually, after a long, long time of enjoying Life; we come into the full Light or our true Being even as We live in a created world. That World is the Child We carry. It is Us in actuality.