Tuesday, January 13, 2015


"French PM Valls: If 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be France
In interview, French PM urges Jews not to leave country; meanwhile, EU rabbi urges Israel to help fund security for French Jews, and not just urge Aliyah."*
(*Aliyah is Emigration to Israel.)


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has reason to be concerned. He need only look at neighboring Spain, Portugal and to a somewhat lesser extent, Italy to know that if Jewish capabilities and Jewish money leave the country, the country no longer remains a super-power.

I will not treat herein the symptoms of the problem. Neither will I discuss the specific current events of today. I should like to treat herein the Truths that have led up to the events that are being played out in Europe today and to that have played out in every generation.

If Mr. Valls is clear-eyed and honest; he will look at the Scandinavian countries and see that they are enjoying very healthy economies despite the fact that few Jews live and operate economically in those countries. (It is, however, true that those countries have economic relations with the countries in which Jews do play a major economic role.) Those countries enjoy high standards of living and humane work cultures that allow for greater free time and self-actualization than do the countries in which Jews are the economic dynamos of the countries. It is not in the countries in which Jews are prominent in business that the biggest and best cooperatives exist in. It is not in the countries in which the Jews are prominent in business that are characterized by the greatest level of Human rights or conditions of self-actualization in free time. Why is it that the People who brought the world the concept of Human rights are not creating the greatest Human rights in the societies in which they live and work? Why is this? Why is this really?

Well, if we look at the countries that became economic backwaters after the Jews left we will see that they are countries in which great and repeated persecutions of the Jews took place. Those countries that have healthy, thriving, humane economies without the Jews have neither great numbers of Jews working in living in them, nor do they have long and horrific histories of persecution of the Jews. The countries that failed after we left are the countries in which Jews were both economically central and the subject of active, extreme and serial persecutions. France has reason to worry.

Judaism, if adhered to properly, is designed to insure that the conditions of slavery, including wage slavery, will exist neither for the Jews nor for the Gentiles. The Heart and Soul of Judaism is the emergence from every kind of slavery and its obliteration. Labor is proscribed on Shabbat (there are specifics as to what constitutes labor that are better treated in a Rabbinic discussion than in the space of this piece).  A Jew must design his or her work life so that we may keep the Shabbat and do no labor therein.  That means that a Jew is not permitted to become so involved in his or her business or work life that he or she is so much as tempted to work on Shabbat. Any Jew who yokes himself or herself to a career or business that requires constant attention and dedication, will most certainly wind up, sooner or later, violating the Laws of Shabbat – and they will do so for mendacious reasons that will induce confusion of not only their minds, but also in the minds of the Gentiles in whose midst they live.  We must approach business and work such that we know that, come hell or high water, we are free to desist from work and rest on Shabbat – every week, no exception. Same goes for Holy Days as well.

If a Jew takes the reactive position: I know I am supposed to keep Shabbat and I know that I am not supposed to sell myself into work slavery. But I am a sojourner in a strange land and if I am not wealthy and powerful; I will become the subject of persecution in this country, which will most surely demonstrate anti-Semitism. I must, therefore, be strong enough economically to be a force to be reckoned with. The ruling powers in this land must consider me essential to them. I must make the Gentiles here dependent upon me for their livelihood and I must be able to bribe my way out of dangerous situations. I must, I have no choice, therefore, become wealthy and powerful.

A Jew who thinks that way hasn't the first idea what it is to be a Jew. Neither does he or she have the first inkling what Jewish power is. A Jew who thinks of himself or herself as a victim of circumstance is a Jew who is so deeply immersed in the Creation and in so profound a state of Self-imposed amnesia, that he or she hasn't the vaguest idea what it is to be a Jew.
We are not permitted to get that far down into the Creation. While coming into Creation involves profound amnesia and unknowing, necessarily; we must never lose total sight of Who We Are. We must always be able to sense the center of Our being and be able to access it in time of fear and stress. A Jew who doesn't know what being a Jew is to the extent of yoking himself or herself to any form of slavery has gone too far. We are not here to play Houdini with OurSelves.

When a Jew thinks that he or she must enslave himself or herself to labor in order to survive, not only will they most certainly violate the most central, essential and moral elements in Torah; they will also create those condition in the Gentile society in which they live.
A Jew who makes himself or herself a slave to work creates, inevitably and as surely as the sun rises and sets, the conditions of slavery in the Gentile society in which he or she lives.

A Jew must never, ever, EVER be in reactive mode. We must never think that we must violate our most central and important and moral Laws in order to survive. It is those very Laws that protect our lives and also create the most favorable conditions in the Gentile societies in which we find ourselves. Moreover, the thought that the Gentiles hate us and will surely persecute us if we do not take extreme measure to protect ourselves will most certainly create those conditions. Anti-Semitism does not exist a priori. We create anti-Semitism when we walk through the world broadcasting directives to the Creation on the highest and deepest and most authoritative frequencies that only the Jewish Soul can generate, that this is what our expectation will be – and so it will be, quite inevitably, ineluctably and without being subject to the veto of the Gentiles. We have decreed that anti-Semitism will be and it surely will.

From the Jews' perspective, they are not deeply involved in business from the point of view of the willful desire to make others slaves. They see themselves as vulnerable victims of circumstance who are only doing what they think they must to survive. However, from the Gentiles' perspective, those Jews are creating huge distortions in their economic lives and in their governments and are causing the conditions of work slavery. And they are right. But not for the reasons that they think.

We Jews do not willingly enslave you. We Jews willingly enslave ourselves when we operate from fear and not from Love and Compassion and Joy. When we enslave ourselves, we enslave you along with us because as we are, so the world is. Most Jews do not know that. They are so sunk into being Human, that they have quite forgotten that they are God Almighty in Human form.

Christianity and Islam both are doing nothing to help the Jews remember Who We really are. How can they? They were born of our misunderstandings. They are massive embodiments and obdurate manifestations of our most wrong ideas about OurSelves and the Creation that we insist upon. When we forgot that We are HaMashiach, we created the conditions for the wrong ideas about Mashiach to manifest in Creation and come back and bite us. When we entertained the idea that obedience to man-made laws that call themselves Torah when they are not was of pre-eminent importance, when we began to learn Talmud instead of Torah, when we put our Rabbis ahead of the Prophets – we caused Islam to manifest. Can you not see that Islam is a parody and a grotesque of the most errant and, yes, foolish of the Rabbinic injunctions?

To leave France for Israel as a reactive act, in a reactive stance as one fleeing, will surely bring problems upon those who make that decision. You may be sure that you will find equally deluded Jews here and you will attract them into your life inevitably. A Jew must always come to Israel because this is where we may be together and live our lives fully as Jews – not because they really want to stay in Paris, but the Arabs hate them there. I promise you, you will surely attract Arabs that hate you here too – in much larger numbers and operating from their own cultures.

We can never leave the troubles of a place that we have fled from in fear and anger. Just as you created them there, you will create them wherever you go.

If you come to Israel, come in Peace, come in Love, come in Joy and, for God's sake, have your Sense of Humor on. Come because you really want to be in Israel and because you really want to know what it is to be a Jew. And come with the intention that you will find beauty here.

We are here to model Holiness and, by example, not just by word, but by deed, show the Gentiles Who they can be and arouse the desire within them to attain the highest levels of their being. That requires a proactive, not a reactive, position. AND it requires that we are always in a state of presumption that the Gentiles are beautiful and kind and gentle, not anti-Semitic. We must be in a state of expectation that they will do wonderful things, not persecute us. For if We attribute such qualities to the Gentiles; to whom can they appeal the harsh and cruel sentence imposed on them? It is imperative, then, that we gaze upon the Gentiles always with Love, with Hope, with Joy, with gentle and good Humor and with expectations of great things – as is fitting for Parents to gaze upon their Children.

With Love and Blessings of Happiness and Serenity and Wisdom,
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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