Sunday, November 30, 2008

Somebody Has To Tell the Christians the Truth

I guess it devolves upon me.

I'm going to be perfectly frank with you.

Christians begged for the perversion that is Catholicism, which is Satanism.

From the very first, the idea that one has to go through a mediator in order to reach God, the idea of everlasting hell and immaculate conception, to name a salient few, were such occult ideas that you fairly begged for Satanism.

There was no Satanism before there was Christianity. That's a lie told my occultist Christians. There were confused, sick and brutal fertility cults, to be sure, but there was no Satanism.

Satanism is a peculiarly Christian invention.

And the worst of the sins Christianity committed, and commits to this day, is the attempt to arrograte the Torah of the Jews and supplant us as God's Chosen People. And, having committed that sin, you then brought the Hell of your imagination upon yourselves when you set about punishing us for your imagined infraction.

God doesn't change His mind. When we were chosen, we were chosen forever. If you think that God did not know that we would sin when He chose us as his special and sacred treasure or is given to caprice, it's only because you worship a human being and don't know how to discern Divine Will from human thought.

We were chosen forever despite the fact that God knew we would sin - because the Jews, all Jews, every one of us in every generation, are so connected to God; when we sin it is only to return to God stronger than ever, having descended into filth in order to purify it.

You are going to pay all Hell and suffer the tortures of the damned of your own invention for what you did to God's choshen People and, as Torah teaches, we will merely watch with our eyes as myriads fall all around us.

Belief in Jesus isn't going to help a single bit when the sins of the Churches, all the Churches, are held up before you and you're asked by the Heavenly Court: Did you defend the Jews against these lies and this liabel? Did you protect My People from those who sought to devour them for no reason other than the fact that I loved them above all men because they serve Me above all men?

And do not say you did not know what you did when that day comes, very soon now. You have been instructed to know.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Saturday, November 29, 2008

When I tried to post about child abuse on the Tzfat Yahoo! list, Chana Spellman, the moderator, blocked my posts. She returned the posts to me marked "REJECTED" and said I was "Charedi bashing". She would not so much as let me post a link to a site that discusses Jewish Law concerning child abuse, which I subsequently published on my Lists. "Voice of the Turtledove and Loosen the Fetters of Injustice.

I was treated on the Yahoo! Tzfat list as though I was some kind of troublemaker for discussing this subject.

Though I have never been a Charedi "basher", and , in fact, wrote extensively about the fact that the Charedi communities are being steered into aberrant behavior by interested parties; I was treated as though I am hostile to the Charedi and religious communities by a number of people on that List. I tried to write about the fact that there is a good deal of child abuse in Tzfat.

My posts were rejected by Chana Spellman saying that "it's no worse than in other communities". First, even if that were true; the matter would still need to be addressed. But I'm not sure it's true. The problem of child abuse seems more prevalent among the Charedim, in particular, than in other communities. I believe that this is due to the inordinate amount of infiltration of agents provacateurs in those communities.

That is the reason that I left the list.

I maintain to this day that there is infiltration of the Charedi and religious world by the Jesuits, and has been for a long time, to the purpose of steering Judaism in a dark direction.

And any of you who see this are more than welcome to inform Chana Spellman and the rest of that list that I have written this on the net for all to see. My list is not a closed one and this message may very well show up on many Search Engines.

I hope it does. Let the world come to their conclusions about why I was treated as pariah when I tried to expose the rampant child abuse in the Orthodox communities and was summarily censored.

Hiding information about information that could lead to the discovery of children being abused in this country is illegal, BTW.

US: Child sex abuse claims divide Orthodox community

When I tried to post about child abuse on the Tzfat Yahoo! list, Chana Spellman blocked my posts. She returned the posts to me marked "rejected" and said I was "Charedi bashing". She would not so much as let me post a link to a site that discusses Jewish Law concerning child abuse. That is the reason that I left the list.

US: Child sex abuse claims divide Orthodox community
Initiatives encouraging victims to come forward or offering support for those claiming they were molested encounter strong opposition, lead to death-threats in Orthodox community
Associated Press

11.24.08, 11:05 /
Israel Jewish Scene

It started as a radio program discussion about a taboo subject: child molestation among members of the insular world of Orthodox Jews.

Since he broached the subject on his radio show this summer, says a state assemblyman, dozens of people have come forward with stories about children being molested in the Orthodox community, which strictly follows Jewish law.

Meanwhile in Israel

State helpless in face of skeletons in haredi closet / Yael Branovsky
In spite of efforts by welfare officials, local rabbis, state authorities are unable to curb rampant child abuse in ultra-Orthodox families

Full Story

Dov Hikind says as many as four people a day have come to him over the past three months with painful accounts of secrets often kept for decades, accusing more than 60 individuals.

Hikind says he would eventually consider unmasking accused sexual predators but wants to focus now on setting up a broader framework for addressing the issue.

His campaign has set off a firestorm in the Orthodox community, where people are reluctant to involve secular authorities. One rabbi said he got death threats for speaking out.

"In our community, people don't talk about the things that they've come to my office" and revealed, said Hikind, himself an Orthodox Jew.

Among other faiths, the subject has meant turmoil in recent years for the Roman Catholic church. For decades, church leaders often transferred predatory clergy among parishes without telling parents or police. Victims have won millions in settlements from dioceses.

Hikind said he won't breach victims' trust by disclosing his private exchanges to prosecutors — or to a lawyer who subpoenaed him in a civil case against a school accused of concealing abuse.

However, he has been working on devising mechanisms within the Orthodox world for reporting sex abuse and sharing information on school staffers' previous positions. He aims to present a plan to rabbis this winter.

Cases handled quietly

Studies have found Orthodox Jews account for as much as 10% of Jews nationwide, and a far greater share in parts of the New York metro area. Some 37% of the more than 516,000 Jews in Brooklyn are Orthodox, according to the UJA-Federation of New York, a Jewish social-service group.

Critics have said sex abuse claims are sometimes handled quietly in Orthodox rabbinical courts, rather than being reported to authorities.

However, some sexual abuse cases involving Orthodox Jewish schools have spilled into the secular legal system in Brooklyn.

In one case, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was charged with sexually abusing boys at an Orthodox school. He admitted no sexual wrongdoing but pleaded guilty in April to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge.

Kolko was sentenced to three years of probation and has been dismissed from the school, said his lawyer, Jeffrey Schwartz. The school's lawyer didn't immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

Six former students are suing the school, saying it covered up Kolko's misdeeds. Their lawyer subpoenaed Hikind this month, seeking to find out whether he learned anything relevant to the case during his impromptu fact-finding.

He said lawyers were assessing how to respond to the subpoena.

Plaintiffs' lawyer Michael Dowd said he was willing to safeguard victims' identities but is determined to pursue whatever information Hikind has.

"I don't question his motivation, but at the same time, I don't accept it as a reason" not to provide information that could expose child molesters, said Dowd, who won $11.4 million in damages last year for two people raped as teenagers by a Catholic youth minister on Long Island.

Hounded into quitting battle

Hikind said he encourages people who confide in him to talk to the authorities. But none will, he said, for fear of ostracism.

One rabbi and psychologist told Jewish media outlets he was hounded into quitting a task force on child molestation, days after Hikind appointed him to lead it in September; the panel is going on with other members. Another New York rabbi told the Daily News this month that vicious fliers and death-threat calls scared him into shutting down a sex abuse victims' hot line he had set up.

Some victims' advocates see little point in collecting information without bringing in law enforcement.

"The only way things are going to be cleaned up" is with authorities' involvement, said Vicki Polin, the founder of The Awareness Center, a Baltimore-based nonprofit group that works with victims of sexual abuse in Jewish communities.

But others praise Hikind's campaign.

"We can't achieve solutions without the public spotlight," said Elliot Pasik, an Orthodox attorney who represents plaintiffs in rabbi sex-abuse lawsuits unrelated to Kolko.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HaKUZARI (Verdeutscht und Verbessert) or The Khazars – Redux

"Ben Zoma said:" Who is wise? He who learns from all people, as it is said (in Psalms 119:99): 'From all those who taught me I gained understanding'". - Ethics of the Fathers IV:1

The translation of the Hebrew description of Shlomo HaMelelkh (King Solomon) is usually rendered the wisest of all, but the Hebrew חכם מכל also says that he was wise *from* all. All includes our detractors, and even our enemies. Sometimes we have to listen to our enemies to get at the truth.

I listened to the anti-Semitic accusation that Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews and asked myself if I can find a kernel of truth in it if I correct for the spin, filter out the distortion and fill in the blanks of their ignorance with what I know about Judaism.

I arrived at the following conclusions:

First, it is the Jews and only the Jews, most specifically the Jews who are knowledgeable in Jewish Law, who decided if someone is Jewish or not. It should be eminently clear that is not the place of any person outside any given culture to decide who belongs to that culture and who does not and anyone who attempts to do so is a fool and a knave. We need not regard their criteria as to whether one is Jewish or not as valid at all. Jewish Law defines who is a Jew quite categorically and clearly.

The Jewish world accepts the Ashkenazi Jews as no less, or more, Jewish than the Jews of other streams: The Sephardim, the Mizrahim, the Temanim, the Jews of India, and the Ethiopian Jews.

The following considerations in no wise shed doubt upon the Jewishness of the Ashkenazi Jews. That is a given, absolute, and there is no Jewish group who has any hesitations whatsoever about marrying Ashkenazi Jews or including them in a prayer quorum or any religious commandment or activity whatsoever. Neither will there ever be any hesitations concerning the Jewishness of the Ashkenazis and no one will succeed in sowing a seed of doubt considering this matter in our hearts.

That said unequivocally, it must also be said that the story of the conversion of HaKuzarim (the Khazars) reads more like fable than fact and a reconsideration of the story as told is in order.

All those who have a standard Jewish education have read SEFER HAKUZARI (THE BOOK OF THE KUZARI, sometimes translated into English as THE DISPUTATION) , as relayed by Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi. In the story we read of the King of the Khazars who, having had a dream in which he is told that his intentions are acceptable in the eyes of Heaven, but his practices are not, decides to hold a debate among a Jewish representative, a Muslim representative and a Christian representative to the purpose of deciding to which religion to convert he, himself, and his entire idol-worshipping kingdom.

The representative of the Jewish faith wins the debate, as we all know, and the Khazars convert to Judaism. The details of that conversion are not related to us in the book.

The anti-Semites would have it that all Ashkenazi Jews, who are of light complexion and often have light hair and/or eyes as well, are so because they are all descendants of the Khazars. This is arrant nonsense, of course. More Jews who are fair are that way because the barbarians of Europe raped Jewish women regularly than because they are descended from the Khazars, whose complexion, by the way, we are unaware of. Anti-Semites never recall that ugly historical fact in their public ruminations as to why it is that the Ashkenazis are fair. It is easier to delude oneself that the Jews are white because they are reptilian shape-shifters than to admit that one's own grandfather or great-grandfather was a drunken, sadistic brute without the least measure of self-control or respect for human life. It is entirely possible that the Khazars were Mongolian. There is no necessary reason to believe that they were White at all. But the people who staged the pogroms most certainly were.

That being said and behooved I was to say it; I was, in reconsidering this story, now as an adult, forced to ask myself if, when the Christian cleric who lost the debate returned to Rome and told his superiors that the Jews had won fair and square and that the Khazars had decided to convert to Judaism if the response of his superiors was: 'If that is God's will, then so be it. Blessings all around!' Not bloody likely. It is far more likely that either the Church encouraged the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism, because they knew that they were idol worshippers and they knew full well how hard it is to convert an idol worshipper, or, knowing that these newly converted heathens would bring us only sorrow, sat back and let the idol worship work its own special magic as it seeped into Jewish ritual practice.
We Jews had had ample experience with the effects on Judaism when large numbers of heathens are integrated into Judaism. We experienced it in the Holy Land, in Babylon and then again in ancient Rome, at which time, it is said, as many as one-third of the Roman elite had adopted at least some Jewish practices. The Rabbis were very concerned about this development, as they were rightly aware that if the Jews adopted Roman pagan practices in large numbers they would seriously undermine our way of life. We should not have allowed the mass conversion of the Khazars – but we did and we are paying the price to this day. Knowing the Jewish People as I do, I do not believe that the conversion of the Khazars en masse was welcomed or encouraged. I doubt it would have been accomplished at all without pressure and fear of reprisals is we refused and it would not be beneath the Church to apply such pressure and monger such fear.

I believe that the Khazars, well-meaning as they might have been, brought with them their old and entrenched heathen ways and integrated many foreign, pagan practices, and ways of thinking, into Judaism. And I believe that that affected a large percentage of the Jews in Europe as the foreign influence spread as the Khazars married other Jews.

That is one of the reasons why we see, to this day, that among the Ashkenazi community there are "customs" and "stringencies" and "interpretations" of Torah that are clearly pagan. Another reason why Ashkenazi Jewish practice is profoundly compromised is that the Jesuits found it easier to infiltrate and distort Jewish practice among the Ashkenazis because they are most similar to their phenotype (the result of being forced to be similar to their genotype, for the reasons described above that Gentiles of European extraction don't feel comfortable recalling).

An Ashkenazi Rabbi once told me quite candidly that Sephardim to not have to take on as much stringency as do Ashkenazis because they are genetically closer to the original Jews and thus experience less bodily and psychic resistance to serving God than do Ashkenazi Jews. While he was correct about that; the irony of the fact that the very stringencies and customs that Ashkenazi Jews practice as part and parcel of their observance are foreign pagan influences and thus hinder, rather than serve and expedite, service of God did not dawn on him.

Yet, the Ashkenazi Jews are completely accepted as Jews and there can be no questioning their Jewishness whatsoever.

We do, however, have to see to it that their practice does not remain the dominant one in Judaism, as the Jesuits would have it precisely because it is distorted and impure. Their customs, stringencies and Biblical interpretations must be examined one by one to make sure they accord with true Judaism, absolute monotheism, with no traces whatsoever of pagan practice and idol worship and that includes the eudaemonism of the various Rebbe cults of the "Chassidim".

The next part of the quote I opened this piece with reads: "Who is strong? He who conquers his evil inclination."

My sincere thanks and gratitude are extended to all my anti-Semitic adversaries who compelled me think deeply about this matter and be able to pinpoint this problem, so that it may be rectified, and, in so doing, benefit my People and allow me to contribute one small portion to the Jewish People's continued march on to moral/spiritual perfection. The evil of anti-Semitism exists to strengthen us by overcoming it. We are taught that we must bless the unpleasant, which we associate with bad, even as we bless the pleasant, which we associate with good – and as we have all experienced, sometimes our detractors and enemies teach us more than our friends and certainly more than our flatters.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, November 24, 2008

What the Vatican Has in Store for Jews and Muslims Alike

Vatican Assassins (Part 2)

Please allow me to state at the outset that while Eric Jon Phelps doesn't seem to be anti-Semitic, yet I always proceed with caution with any Christian and any "truther'. Even the best of Christians only extend love and compassion to the Jews on the proviso that we renounce our absolute monotheism and direct relationship with God and accept Jesus.

I'm sure *somebody* is behind him because he's making a big splash and that just doesn't happen without backing.

Also, Jordan Maxwell, a Theosophist who has spread rabid anti-Semitic misinfo and disinfo, introduces him in one of his lecture videos. That most certainly lights up a lot of red warning lights with me.

I wouldn't be surprised of Phelps comes off the wall with some weird spin or another just when he's got the public's trust. There are already strong intimations that he holds to a fanatical Christian and ethnic line.

That said, as the Talmud teaches and Jesus plagiarized, without giving credit to his teachers as a Jew is enjoined to do: We have to know how to "separate the wheat from the chaff". If we disregard everyone not our favorite religious and ideological flavor out-of-hand, we'll learn nothing.

The plain, and very sad, truth is we're all brainwashed deeply. I know I am. In addition to the fact that humans are fallible and ignorant of vastly more than we possess knowledge of under the best and most natural of circumestances, we have, all of us, been conditioned by experts. All of our minds will generate distortion and dross.

Let's hope Phelps is one of the ones aware of the mind and emotions control, aware that his position is not the be all and end all, and is struggling against his own mind and emtions control.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Notice How the Jesuits Never Tampered with the Notions about Yeshu

There are some very important pictures in the video: Jesuit Infiltration into America (First Video Created)

1) the Babylonian sun symbol right at the beginning
2) Look at the symbol around the Babylonian god's neck at 39 seconds
3) the head of the god Dagon and the mitre (Mithra?) of a bishop at 42 seconds.
4) The drawing of Ignatius of Loyola with the skull at 59 seconds
5) Look at Hitler's posture in the photo seen at 1:10. He is clearly deferent. See him leaning in to shake the cleric's hand. The cleric is hardly exerting himself to extend his hand, this makes Hitler have to bend over. He is keeping his head down slightly and looking at the clerical with upcast eyes.
6) The pope making the horned hand sign with both hands at 10:10

Also see this series:

RARE 1983PART 1 Jesuit Infiltration Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera

It is said that both Alberto Rivera and Jim Arrabito died mysterious deaths.

Notice that the one issue that the Jesuits did not attempt to change in Christianity is the teaching that no one can get to God without going through Yeshu. They *never* taught that one should pray to God as Yeshu supposedly did - directly. If one is supposed to imitate Yeshu, then why not in this respect?

Or, if they were supposedly undermining Christian spirituality, why didn't they teach that Yeshu was only a great teacher?

They didn't undermine Christian notions about Yeshu because that is the most central occult teaching in Christianity and the Jesuits saw no reason to modify or tamper with it.

In fact, when they steered Judaism in just that direction with the introduction of the "Rebbe" being Ein Sof b'Guf (The Unending in a body) in Hassidut. Among the Jews who never accepted this idea are the Yemenites (think kidnapped children) and the Sephardim Tehorim, many of whom fled to Morocco (think 100,000 irradiated children) after the Expulsions. I consider CHaBa"D to be among the most compromised and infiltrated Jews.

To believe that one must go through a person to get to God is a very deeply occult idea. In fact, it's as deep as one can go into the occult without learning black magic - which is just where the Jesuits want people.


Mommy, Mommy, what are the Illuminati?

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Bellero Shield

*Please* do yourselves the favor of watching this remarkable Outer Limits episode in full.

That which the character played by Sally Kellerman does to herself with the shield she kills in order to steal is *precisely* what the pagans who stole the Torah from the Jews under threat of penalty of death to the entire Community if they didn't translate it into Greek did to their consciousness, in truth their very Souls because they could not read it properly. In fact, they did same to that of their Christian and ex-Christian descendants.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jesuit Infiltration Of Judaism, Including Zionism

I highly recommend this video in its entirety. But please, at the very least, see last few minutes of this part n in which a 7th Day Adventist confirms that the Jesuits infiltrated Judaism and the Zionist movement, inter alia.

Let there be no mistakes. I am not a Christian of any kind. I am an observant Jew and I am a Zionist in the original sense of the word.

I have to offer these sites for information only because there are no comparable Jewish sites. The Jews, in every stream of Judaism, are so deeply infiltrated and brainwashed that they do not even know this is transpiring. So, I have no choice but to turn to a Christian source for the information.

Needless to say, you'll not find this information in Hebrew.I urge you to also see this site:

You'll see that the Jesuits infiltrated Islam and the Arabs as well.Shimon Peres is said to be a Jesuit operative and eight of the 13 Prime Ministers of Israel have been high level Freemasons (including ben Gurion, Peres, Rabin Netanyahu and Olmert). The then Knights Templar, now the Knights of Malta subsequently associated with the Jesuits, infiltrated Freemasonry and completely overran it. *Please* research the significance of this.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VIDEO: Israel is a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment

The terrible, and for Jews unthinkable, truth about the State of Israel.
The legitimate aims of the Zionist Movement, as formulated by Theodore Herzl, was undermined first by the Rothschild family (Herzl chronicled this fact) and then, from the 1930s, was overrun by the Nazis who were smuggled in, passed themselves off as German-speaking Jews and infiltrated every vital office and service in the fledgling Jewish settlement.

Erratum: One of the families that I recommend doing resreach on spells their name Dangoor. I was too literal in the transliteration in the video. The other is Sassoon.

Please help me disseminate this video.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is the State of Israel a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment...Final Solution? (Part I)

The thought has crossed my mind, in passing, that Israel seems, in many ways, to be one large field experiment. It's also crossed my mind that Israel is the largest concentration of Jews in the world. Nasralla brought that point home a number of times during the war. He invited all the world's Jews to come to Israel - the better to concentrate us in one place and kill us.

But the full terrible realization hit me only today.

I have felt more times than I could imagine that something is very wrong with Israel. I see the distortion of our religion and culture as taught by the government Ministry of Religious Affairs, the brainwashing in the schools; the favoritism of the Ashkenazim; the importation of at least a third of a million non-Jewish Russians; the radiation of Sephardic children in the 50s; the decisions that are taken by the Knesset that are not in Israel's best interest; the corruption of the government; the involvement of Israelis in some of the dirtiest deeds and politics worldwide, which always somehow "leak" to the press and cause us to be an object of ridicule and disdain in the eyes of the world; the inability of Israel to counter the anti-Israel propaganda, Israel's obvious involvement in the NWO...

None of that is Jewish behavior or reflects Jewish teaching and values.

It suddenly hit me that the perfect cover for a Nazi infiltration of Israel would have been the immigration of German and Polish Jews, many of whom had a good deal of White blood in them. If so many Jews could "pass" as Whites, then Nazis could pass as Jews.

There are some Ashkenazi (AshkeNAZI) Jews in Israel who are unlike any other I've ever seen. They radiate cold. They are unfeeling and robotic - they are, in a word, Germanic. And most of them are located in the big cities and found in the topmost positions in business and intelligence - but not the Knesset, because those are Jews most in the public eye and so they have to look Jewish. The Knesset do their bidding. Even the way of speaking of some AshkeNAZI Jews is different. They have the same accent as others, but somehow, because it's not coming through a Jewish vehicle, they sound slightly different.

The Jews were forced under the conditions of ongoing war intentionally created in the Middle East into acting like Nazis, into assuming fascist behavior. In so doing, a number of evil purposes were accomplished. The Nazis running Israeli policy were under deep cover as the world paid increasing attention to Israel's increasingly aberrant behavior. The Jews lost all respect and sympathy in the eyes of the world as they witnessed us perpetrating many of the same acts we were subject to at the hands of the Nazis. We were made to look like utter hypocrites. We claimed to want to be a nation of scholars and farmers. But, the world saw us immediately take up arms. Worst of all, we Jews were increasingly demoralized as a result of becoming increasingly warlike. As our sensitivity waned as a result of becoming battle-hardened and battle-fatigued, so did our ability to perceive the subtle levels of Torah. All this was planned by the Nazis who are running this country. And it is being implemented as I write this and as you read it.

We know that the Nazis infiltrated the American military-industrial complex. We know that the British Royal family are German in origin, having replaced the British monarchy. We know that Nazis infiltrated other countries after WWII and led them on a terrible course.

But we Israelis are taught to believe that they never got here, that Israel is a haven, that Eichmann was hanged and the trouble with the Nazis ended there.

How could that be? How could they be active in other parts of the world and not in Israel?

The English word Zionism is blasted all over the media. Zionism not just a mispronunciation of our tzionut; it's intended to hide the truth in plain view, as is their way. Zion could also be spelled ZIAN and be pronounced the same way. See it now? The Nazis who took over this country, or who founded it in the first place, are accomplishing two purposes with the repetition of the word Zionism. They are driving the message home that the Jews are Nazi-like and, because they just can't keep their egos at bay; they are telling the world that they are actually the ones in control.

Suddenly, many things that never made sense did.

I don't know if the entire State of Israel was a Nazi enterprise/experiment/Final Solution from the get go or if they "just" managed to infiltrate our society deeply enough to steer us off moral and spiritual course.

But they're here and they are undermining us in every way they can. I can feel it.

I just don't know how deep it goes.

Is the State of Israel a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment...Final Solution?
(Continued – Part II)

The Cases of the Missing Yemenite Jewish Children and the Irradiation of Mizrahi Children in Israel

At the outset I am morally obliged to state that what I am about to discuss is not an accusation, most certainly not a formal one.

I posit that the State of Israel *may* be a Nazi enterprise/experiment as a possibility that seems to provide answers for many of the oddities, and worse, that exist in Israel proper and in Israel's relationship to the rest of the world. I do intend to make my position as forcefully as I can, but I have no formal proof in hand. Admittedly, everything I write amounts to "connecting the dots" logically. Yet, I have found no explanation that makes more sense of the otherwise inscrutable events and facts of Israel.

I can only hope that I will present this theory cogently and convincingly enough to inspire others who are better-placed than I to carry out an in-depth investigation to do so.

I have decided to get this information out in installments for a couple of reasons. Many people prefer a "post" format to reading lengthy works nowadays. Also, I do not know if I will be stopped, in one way or another, and I want at least partial information "out there" to serve as a basis of investigation. I fear that if I wait and take the time to write a comprehensive work, nothing will get out. I know my phone is tapped, my computer is monitored and I have reason to believe that my health is being systematically compromised.

I posit that the State of Israel may be a Nazi-run enterprise/experiment and perhaps a "final solution to the Jewish problem". It may very well be that the Nazis have "morphed" into another body, or have dispersed into various diffuse groups. However, they do continue along the same basic ideological lines vis-à-vis the Jews, non-Whites and world domination. It may very well be that the Nazis were mere puppets of more powerful interests and that it is these interests who are now controlling the often bizarre sequence of events that is the State of Israel's present and past. If it is true that Israel is a controlled experiment and we discover who is behind this, it need not be our future.

When it was discovered that:

1) the US brought Nazi scientists and pseudo-scientists into the US after WWII under Operation Paperclip,
2) that those scientists and pseudo-scientists were integrated into the US military-industrial complex,
3) that mind control experts were brought into the US as well and that they operated in other countries,
4) in 1975 Congressional hearings and a presidential commission, ironically headed by Nelson Rockefeller (perfunctorily) examined evidence relating to Project MK-ULTRA (aka MKULTRA),
5) and President Clinton admitted that unethical experiments were carried out at the behest of the US government
- the logical question that should have been asked, at least by Jews, is: *What are the implications for Israel of the fact that Nazis are at large and operating in the most sensitive positions in the US?*

The fact that that very logical and simple question was not entertained widely is reason enough for concern. Why is it that the public-at-large, at least the Jewish public-at-large, could not, and/or did not, make that simple logical leap? Perhaps it is not a coincidence that in the self-same year, 1973, that Israel was involved in the most dangerous war in our history; Richard Helms, then Director of the CIA, destroyed (or hid) most of the MK-ULTRA files. Was the Yom Kippur War one of the sub-projects of MK-ULTRA?

If you are not familiar with Operation Paperclip and the mind control experiments and programs that were the subject of Congressional hearings in 1973, collectively known as MK ULTRA, please see these links for an introduction:

This is the video in which Bill Clinton admitted that "unethical experiments" had been conducted.

Many Yemenite Jewish children disappeared shortly after the Yemenite Jewish community arrived in Israel. Parents were told that their children had died. Mothers who had given birth to perfectly healthy babies in hospitals were told that the babies had died by doctors, nurses and social workers. Decades later, when investigations were demanded, the graves were found to be empty. In some cases, the skeletons of animals were found in the graves.

The investigations were quickly shut up.

Where did the children go?

They weren't put up for adoption, except in a very few instances. Yemenite Jews have always been extremely punctilious about not intermarrying. They are, therefore, a most distinct looking people. Had the children been adopted, they would have been noticeable as adopted children in just about any human family.

The fact that the Yemenite Jews were most probably the genetically closest to Biblical Hebrew might very well have made them a particular target for Nazi curiosity – which always led to experimentation upon humans.

The Yemenite Jews also speak the closest Hebrew to original Hebrew and their customs are in keeping with a version of the Talmud much older and less tampered with than the Code of Jewish Law used by other Jewish groups. That too would have attracted the attention of Nazis.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and the world-famous Yemenite-Israeli singer Ofra Haza, who were both investigating the matter the matter of the Yemenite Jewish children who had disappeared, met tragic ends.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, his sons and his followers were described by the Israeli authorities as heavily-armed, desperate criminals. The Orthodox Rabbi, his sons and his Orthodox followers were not politically motivated in any way. They wanted only to know what the truth of the fate of the Yemenite children was. The Yemenites are generally known, respected and admired in the Jewish world for their scholarship, their gentleness, their politeness, their warmth, their hospitality, their wit, their love of the Jewish People and all of Humanity and creation and the Land of Israel. They are also known for their devotion to their families. They are model Jews. The mendacious accusation that Rabbi Meshulam, his sons and his students were dangerous radicals was beyond grotesque.

Please read the explanation of the person who posted the video about HaRav Uzi Meshulam that I've provided a link to as well as the comments on that video. I am not the only person who believes those children were kidnapped and experimented on because of their unique genotypes:

This is the singer Ofra Haza, of blessed memory. She too tried to investigate what happened to the Yemenite children.

The article says: "Ofra Haza died at the age of 42 on the 23rd February 2000 – the cause being widely reported as organ failure or pneumonia, reportedly arising from HIV/AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) complications. Her family declined to confirm or deny these reports, however, stating that it was Haza's wish that the matter should remain private. There was considerable media interest into the circumstances of her death.
Although initial reports suggested that Haza was only suffering from
pneumonia or an extended bout with the flu, The Jerusalem Post reports that her condition rapidly deteriorated after she entered the hospital. By the end, Haza was unconscious after suffering liver and kidney failure and was said to be receiving intravenous drug treatment. Administrators at *Sheba Hospital* said that Haza's heart finally stopped beating on Wednesday because of an abnormal increase in the amount of hydrogen in her body.[4]
After Haza's death was announced, Israeli radio stations played non-stop retrospectives of her music and Prime Minister
Ehud Barak praised her work as a cultural emissary, commenting that she also represented the Israeli success story – "Ofra emerged from the Hatikvah slums to reach the peak of Israeli culture. She has left a mark on us all".
(Please note that "the HaTikva slums" is an area of Tel Aviv in which Mizrahi and Yemenite Jews were ghettoized and systematically impoverished. There were, are are, many systematic programmes of povertization in Israel. I hope to touch on a few of them in the course of the coming installments.)
"In December 2007, Israel's
Channel 10 disclosed previously confidential medical records affirming that Ashkenazi contracted the virus between 1992 and 1993 and Haza contracted the disease between 1995 and 1997".
(Please note the dates, 1995 and 1997. You'll see that same time frame in the Meshulam videos.)
Ofra Haza was known for her extreme modesty. It was only half-jokingly said that she was probably a virgin when she married (when she was almost 40 years old). She didn't so much as date. She devoted all her time to singing. It was known that she did not use drugs. How did she die of AIDS???

Note that she died in SHEBA Hospital. Keep that name in mind when you watch the following videos concerning the irradiation of Mizrahi children.

We know that about 100,000 Mizrahi children were subjected to irradiation in the 50s. An expose on Israeli television some time ago reported this tragedy. Short clips from that televised expose can be found in the videos the links to which I've provided below.

Please note the similarity of attitude of the "AshkeNAZIs" (by AshkeNAZI, I mean *imposters* who, I believe, were Nazis posing as Ashkenazi Jews who infiltrated Israel with the German Jewish community) mentioned in these videos to Eugenics and the attitude of the Nazis, from whose grip these (supposed) Jews had very recently been putatively rescued. It makes perfect sense that those imposters are not only hiding behind the genuine German Ashkenazi Jewish community, but are shifting the blame in the media for what they are doing onto the Ashkenazis in general. It makes sense that they would not single the German Jews out in particular, because that might arouse an association with the Nazis. I believe that the blame for the atrocities being committed in this country by Nazis is being projected onto Ashkenazi Jews.

I believe the doubts being promulgated as to the authenticity of the Ashkenazi community, i.e., the talk we hear of the Ashkenazis "not being real Jews" is a scapegoating of them by the imposter AshkeNAZIs hiding in their midst. It is absurd to contend that the Ashkenazis are not real Jews. Surely some of them are the descendants of the Khazars who converted. First of all, we accept those who undergo conversion according to Jewish Law as real Jews without qualification, except that they cannot marry Cohenim (Priests, note further discussion of the Cohenim to come.). Over the many generations since that conversion, which took place somewhere between 740 and the mid-800s CE; the Khazar converts have married thoroughly into the genetically Jewish community. Recent findings of the "Cohen gene", as a result of DNA testing, show conclusively that the Cohenim (Priests) of all of the Jewish communities who claim descent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob carry this gene. No one but a Nazi could invent so outrageous a claim concerning the Ashkenazi community. And no group has more reason for doing so. They are hiding the identity of their own Nazi spies in that community, whom they would extricate from danger if, as a result of the blame being foisted on them by the Nazis hiding in their midst, the Ashkenazi Jews were prosecuted or persecuted.

The similarity of the Eugenic theories of the Nazis and those of the people who ran the Eugenics programs in Israel is so striking that one has to ask: Are these actually Nazi spies operating in Israel who were made to look Jewish and who were given fake Jewish identities? Are they Jews who are the victims of Nazi mind control who were placed in sensitive positions in Israel to continue the horror? Could they possibly be Nazi-sympathetic Jews acting freely? The last possibility seems the least plausible to me.

Please read the information provided by the people who posted the following videos.

Please note that the man interviewed in this video states that he was irradiated in the very first facility of its kind in Israel. It was located in Haifa, as the video states. It is noteworthy that so many German Jews settled in Haifa that, to this day, there is an area of Haifa known as the German Quarter. My husband grew up in that quarter. His Father was from Berlin and his Mother from Vienna. I asked my husband if the facility is near the German Quarter. He says that it is not in the vicinity. It makes sense that it would not be located in very close proximity to the Nazis who were operating it, so that if it was discovered that something nefarious was going on there, the people involved would not be immediately implicated. But it was close enough to where they lived to be a convenient ride to "work".

I asked my husband if he remembers anyone odd among the German Jewish community, people who did not seem to fit. His honest answer is that he was a child and would not have noticed.

They all spoke German and the German and Austrian Jews were highly assimilated. Some were the products of intermarriage. German was their mother tongue and they all struggled to learn Hebrew. If there were Nazis among them they would have gone unnoticed as the Jews from Germany were so very enculturated as Germans. Nazis would look, sound and act perfectly normal to them in the course of every day affairs. The cover would have been perfect.

I'd like to say some more about German Ashkenazi Jews. I married one and I have lived among them on Kibbutz HaZorea. They are maddeningly rule-bound and concerned with correctitude and exactitude, they are materialistic, they are ambitious, they aren't the warmest people in the world and they tend to be insufferably arrogant, thinking of themselves as "culture vultures". (Luckily, my Husband is a renegade :0) They can make someone feel very unwelcome. But they are NOT capable of atrocities. And they are NOT arrant racists. Not only does my husband's mother "brag everywhere she goes", as she puts it, about her Great-Grandson, whose father is from Brazil; she was genuinely saddened when one of her grandsons broke up with an Ethiopian young woman he had been seeing seriously. My mother-in-law was sincerely hoping they would marry. She liked the girl.

The ugly, extreme, murderous racism described in the videos, which led to programmes of Eugenics are NOT characteristic of German Ashkenazi Jews. Those are Nazi concepts and programmes. I cannot visualize any of the German Ashkenazi Jews whom I know or have known devising and taking part in such atrocities. Either they were carried out by Nazi infiltrators or they were carried out by trauma-based, mind controlled Jews who were in a state of utter dissociation when the did that. But the latter possibility does not jibe with the fact that the video describes those who administered the program of irradiation of Mizrahi children as ideological Eugenicists. Ideological Eugenicists are people in a static state of mind, not people suffering from trauma-induced Dissociative Identity Disorder. That is another why I tend to believe that there were Nazis who infiltrated Israeli society from the very inception of the State, and probably prior to the founding of the State, as far back as the 1930s. And I believe they are still running the State of Israel and are the ones responsible for the horrific acts that Israel has been implicated in.

Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who claimed to represent a group involved in seeking to it that Sephardi Jews who are, get this: "victims of ringworm and polio" get the reparations that the government is giving out to them. Since when is a person a victim of ringworm? Any American who lived through the polio epidemic in the US, during the time when the polio vaccine was the live organism, which caused family members to contract the disease, knows that something was very strange about that epidemic. Here in Israel they mentioned reparations for polio and ringworm in one breath. That's like mentioning color wars in summer camps and the Olympics in one breath – unless the Israeli government is doing a follow up study on victims of experimentation.

In closing I should like to say that it has never made sense to me that Israel is capable of applying so much pressure on American foreign policy. The AIPAC explanation for Jewish leverage just did not make sense to me. Looking at the relative size of the Jewish community in the US and the tiny dot on the map that is the State of Israel, it is not reasonable that this country is forcing America's hand and arousing international interest in the press. It does not make sense unless there is a power that is running both the US *and* Israel. We know that Senator Prescott Bush, father of GHWB and grandfather of GWB, bankrolled the Nazis, including the building of concentration camps and the creation of Xyclon B gas. There are many reasons to believe that the Israel-Bush connection is based on the Nazis who are pulling both GWB's strings and that of the Israeli government.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Mommy, Mommy, what are the Illuminati?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rahm Emanuel is Not Good For the Jews

There are Jews whose first (and sometimes last) political consideration is: "Is it good for the Jews?". They do not understand that what is not good for all is not good for us.

Some might be tempted to think that having an Israeli in such a high political position is to our advantage and he will protect Israel. How wrong they are.

To those Jews, I'll speak in their own language and remind them of the following quotes and teachings when I say that Rahm Emanuel is not good for the Jews and we have every reason to be more concerned about our physical, as well as moral-spiritual, safety now.


"Be wary of those in power, for they befriend a person only fortheir own benefit; they seem to be friends when it is to theiradvantage, but they do not stand by a man in his hour of need."

Shemayah said: "Love work; abhor taking high office; and do notseek intimacy with the ruling power."

"Nor should he boast, "I am the ruler of the city"."

Rahm Emanuel's political appointment is the result of one of two possibilities:

1) That Israel is getting far too involved in politics and, in so doing, we are in contravention of the above injunctions of our Sages.

2) He is being set up as the fall guy so that if their megalomaniacal schemes go awry, "the Jew" will be blamed and thrown to the dogs.

In either case, Rahm Emanuel is in precisely the position that our Sages have warned us to avoid.

And remember, always remember, what is required of us as Jews and that being B'nei Torah is greater by far than being royalty.

"Torah is greater than priesthood or royalty. For royalty is acquired [together] with thirty tendencies, and the priesthood withtwenty-four, but for one to acquire Torah, he must have thefollowing forty-eight tendencies:

1) Study,2) attentive listening,3) verbal articulation,4) an understanding heart,5) dread,6) awe,7) humility,8) joy,9) purity,10) serving the sages,11) close association with colleagues,11) sharp discussion with students,12) sobriety,13) [knowledge of] Scripture [and of] Mishnah,14) a minimum of business activity,15) a minimum of preoccupation with worldly matters,16) a minimum of indulgence in [worldly] pleasure,17) a minimum of sleep,18) a minimum of conversation,19) a minimum of laughter,20) patience,21) a good heart,22) faith in the sages,23) acceptance of suffering,24) knowing his place,25) being happy with his lot,26) making a fence around his words,27) remains modest despite his achievements,28) being loved [by others],29) loving G-d,30) loving [His] created beings,31) loving the ways of righteousness,32) loving justice,33) loving reproof,34) keeping far from honor,35) not being arrogant while studying,36) not taking pleasure in handing down [halachic] decisions,37) bearing the burden with his fellow,38) judging him favorably [and giving him the benefit of the doubt],39) establishing him in [the path of] truth,40) establishing him in [the way of] peace,41) deliberating in his study,42) asking and answering,43) listening and adding [to his acquired knowledge],44) learning in order to teach,45) learning in order to practice,46) increasing the wisdom of his teacher,47) properly understanding the intent of what he learns, and48) quoting a concept in the name of its author."


Friday, November 07, 2008

The Non-White Man's Burden

The ideas I'm about to present herein are still nebulous. Please allow me to state at the outset that I invite the readers to respond to what I am grappling with herein and help me clarify these ideas, because I do not think that any one person can get a complete, or even sufficient, conception of it.

I've been thinking about this problem for quite some time and the more I think about it, the more formidable the task of formulating a solution seems.

What I am about to state is not all cut and dried, of course, because we are all a mixture of different Peoples.

I am half Anglo. So, I am not totally exempting myself from what I'm about to say. Although I make no bones about the fact that the Jewish part of me saves me from the most extreme forms of what I am about to describe.
Some of those White people who are also beginning to recognize the phenomenon I'll describe briefly herein would prefer to think that they've been tampered with genetically, perhaps by aliens. I think the answer is far more prosaic.

Of all of the peoples on this Earth, the White man, and of course woman, is the least in touch with their Souls.
As a result, White people (and by White I mean those generally referred to as "Anglos") are characterized by going from one "trip" to another and are singularly susceptible to the occult. They live in their heads, uncomfortable in their bodies and, as a result, they are too cerebral (leading to illusions and delusions) and not emotional and instinctive enough (leading to isolation, which feeds the delusions). They are the least in touch with the rhythms of nature of all Peoples. As a result, they are those are the least aroused to sacred awe by nature, and thus they do not treasure life to the extent necessary to be a peaceful People that can humbly take their place beside all of the extant creatures with an attitude of preparedness to nurture and protect. Unable as they are to live serenely in their own skins, they do their damnedest to see to it that the other humans and life forms that inhabit this planet don't either. Whites, as a result of being so remote from their own Souls, have been rapacious spiritual vampires on the face of our mother Earth. They have harmed the most spiritual Peoples again and again. They have targeted the most spiritual cultures for physical and cultural extinction. When confronted with the reality of what their progenitors have done, they angrily respond with: "I'm not responsible for any of that", while enjoying the fruits of their forebears' brutality without compunction.I know that people become very uncomfortable when someone singles out one group of people as defective. They think it necessarily leads to thoughts of genocide. But this by no means is the necessary conclusion. That thought enters people's minds because *Whites* have always used the "defective" excuse for their own plans for, and implementations of, genocide. The healthy and correct reaction should be compassion and asking ourselves how to help them, while humanely containing their aggression until such time as they can. The truly human reaction to the recognition that another human is sick and in need of help is to offer the succor they need.
There are truths that are universal, of course, but there are nuances of moral/spiritual teaching that are specific to the special abilities and talents of each Specific people.

All of the Peoples on Earth, except the Whites, have had sons and daughters of those specific Peoples sent to them as sages and Prophets. They must be homegrown in order to be in sync with the specific "vibe" of their People, in addition to receiving the universal truths.

Only the White man has not *yet* received those Sages, or, they came but their message has been forgotten and must be restored.

As a result, when a White person tries to connect to God, they are forced to go as beggars to other cultures. To deal with the pride of being a beggar, they become a plunderer. They plundered the Torah of the Jews, the wisdom of Hinduism and Buddhism, that of the Natives. That of the Blacks they could not appropriate because they could not perceive it, but they created conditions under which the Blacks were hard-pressed contact their Souls.

The White man awaits the Sage/s who will show them their specific Way so that they may be integrated into the family of Man.

I asked myself how this all started. Though I do honestly think that there is something endemic in White people that caused them to become so uniquely separated from their Souls, I believe that that is a necessary reaction of any People becoming a dominant culture.

In order for one to accept oneself as part of a dominant People, one has to visualize the subjected as "other" and "inferior", as "removed" from one's own circle. This unnatural and unreal division of humanity in the mind causes a rift not only between man and man, but between man and God. When we distance ourselves from part of creation, most especially part of humanity, we distance ourselves from our own Souls. In the case of the White man that separation is so complete in some of them that they cannot access their Soul at all and conclude that there is no God.

The most extreme examples of this I have encountered are the examples of the White cosmologists who posit that our reality is being generated by super-computers by a far more "advanced" (that means more cerebral still) "civilization. Only someone with no experience of their Soul at all could imagine such a horror.

Another example is that of someone on the net who responded to a discussion of death with the following statement: "We don't die. Robots don't die. They're terminated." This human being is so detached from his Soul, so completely devoid of the experience of the indwelling God; he seriously entertains the delusion that he is and android and so he sees everyone else. That's how bad the "trip" can get.

When, in order to be part of a culture that demands of one to worry about their physical appearance to the neglect of their emotions, the needs of others, other aspects of life that should be priorities, one loses contact with one's inner self. Every moment a person spends worrying about his or her weight, cellulite, the length of her fingernails, his or her haircut, the brand of his or her clothes, etc. is a moment that has not been spent in contact with one's Soul.

If, one is part of a dominant culture that is driven by "the Protestant work ethic", one spends a great deal of their working hours at work. And if that work is not ethical, not producing something salubrious and lovely and inspiring, if their work is based on competition, which encourages and develops cunning, then every action that they take removes them from the indwelling God until they cannot make contact with God. As those moments constitute the vast majority of the thoughts and actions required of Whites, the experience of God recedes continuously for them until it is very near extinguished.

There is no culture that has been more brutal about these demands of their own sons and daughters than the White man.

Modern Western society that does not allow White people a single moment of not being consumed with what is expected of them to do and think and feel has been built on Christianity. These poor Souls were taught, on fear of eternal suffering if they dared to so much as think otherwise, that they are absolutely forbidden to experience God directly, that they can only access God through an intermediary.

One would think that it would have occurred to them that they do not need an intermediary to experience their arrogance or their anger or their disdain or their greed or their jealousy. They certainly find those inner experiences at the ready and can access them at will anytime. Why in the world should an intermediary be necessary to experience God? The fact that this thought did not occur to them leads me to believe that there is, in fact, something in them that makes them uniquely susceptible to being removed from their Souls – and that something is their inability to access their love, compassion and, most of all, humble, sacred awe for another being. Oh, they give lip service to those experiences, but they are also the people who contend that under a very thin veneer of civilization man is an animal. I certainly do not experience myself that way. I don't think that most human beings do.

It is easy to be aroused to arrogant pity for someone we disdain, someone we feel superior to, someone who is poorer than we in one way or another, by someone who is ugly, by someone who we would never want to be. But to be aroused to compassion for someone who is someone we have been taught to admire, to wish to resemble, to wish to emulate, who has what we have been taught is desirable to attain, who is an object of our envy, respect and admiration is far, far more difficult. To find compassion in ourselves for someone we hate and resent as an oppressor is most difficult of all – and yet, if we are to understand the true estate of "Anglos" and help them, that is precisely what we must do.

Our being taught that White is the most desirable physical form, that the detached cerebral quality Whites are characterized by is the height of intellect and rationality and the epitome of intelligence, our being taught that their social mechanisms are the most civilized, that their art forms are the most rarified and that their contributions to human history are the most profound and important is a double edged sword. In truth, it cuts the White man and woman far more deeply than it does those who are being told this about White people because for Whites it *is* what they are supposed to be, nay, required to be, how they must think of themselves, how they are to behave, everything they are to accept as their identity, their being, their surrounding and indwelling reality. For non-Whites it was propaganda. For Whites it was the cruelest mind and emotions and spiritual control.

I always thought that when it was mostly White people in the media it was primarily because they were ignoring the existence of other races. It is certainly true that it was one of the reasons. But the primary reason for showing Whites in the media was to program Whites. They were presented with the images of what they were supposed to be. The images they saw were images that looked like them. They were presented with modes of thought, behavior, relating to others, etc. in the media that they could not but accept as necessary because they saw people who looked like what they see in the mirror on the screen.

For the rest of us, those images were physical ideals that we could either never achieve, if we belonged to other races, or achieve only by modifying ourselves with hair dyes, contact lenses and surgery if we were White, but not Anglos. Even those White, but not Anglo, ethnic groups who made themselves look as Anglo as possible did not totally identify with what they saw on the big and little screen. They had the memory of how they looked before they modified themselves and cultural memories that were an integral part of them. Perhaps there was an ever-so-slight accent or sing song in their speech, or an almost imperceptible, but not quite, physical gesture or facial expression they made that gave them away as not being Anglo. So, they had no choice but to retain something of who they are.

It was only the Whites who were absolutely and totally programmed by the media because they were the images that they saw on the screen. It was their real blonde hair that they saw, their actual way of speech that they heard, their actual home towns that they saw in the media, their places of work, the church steeples in their towns. For them, there was no escape into being themselves sparked by being somehow different. They *had* to be what they saw on the screen and what was demanded of them as the dominant culture. For them, the control was absolute and complete, and inescapable.

It is from that terrible prison of total illusion and isolation from the rest of humankind that we are enjoined to help them escape.

The job is not easy because even the most aware of them are not aware of the severity of their condition. They will not cooperate in their liberation. They will deny that this is true and revile us and perhaps worse. Most importantly, we cannot allow ourselves to be brutalized by saving them.

We must develop humane ways of treating the most profoundly mentally, morally and spiritually ill of our brothers and sisters and, at the same time, protect ourselves from their vampire bite.

The task is daunting, but we must find the love and compassion within ourselves to do this.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

White Noise

Some folks have trouble getting to sleep. Something gnaws at the back of their minds when they find themselves alone in the dark.

A handy, dandy device called a White Noise Machine has been designed to help with that. A White Noise Machine is programmed sound that creates the illusion of a tranquil environment and helps them sleep more soundly. It sorta soothes the savage beast. Some of them have a built-in air purifier too. Well, it doesn't really purify the air. It kinda injects a pleasant-smelling, but synthetic, odor into the air.

When you turn it on, it sounds and smells like this:

No, I most certainly do not have any intentions of vacating the land that my ancestors stole from the Natives in my country. And, no; I most certainly do not have to pay them any reparations. Bygones are bygones and what's done is done. You can't change the past, you know. And the Indians who lived on my property probably died from a small-pox infested blanket or something anyway. And besides, I'm part Indian myself. Yep, sure am. My step-uncle is 1/32 Navaho or Apache, or something. I'm only blonde and blue-eyed because I resemble my White relatives. So, I have every right to stay right where I am and enjoy the fruits of what my ancestors pillaged from the Indians, because I am one! I have every right to enjoy the creature comforts of White society because I'm light enough to pass and those that aren't can't. Fair is fair!

Yeah, I admit that Blacks carry names like Jones, Black, White, McLeod, McKinney and Murphy to this day. And, yeah; I admit that those are the names of the owners of the plantations wherein their ancestors were sold into slavery and whereupon they worked. But it was the Jews who ran and profited from the slave trade! I mean, there's Whoopie Goldberg too. Right?

No, it's not significant that all hell is breaking loose in the same countries wherein genocide was wantonly committed. And it most certainly is not the wrath of God!
White Atheists hasten to add: Because there is no God!
White Christian version: Because I believe in the lawd Jesus Christ. Yes, indeedy I do. I do believe. I do believe in Jesus Christ. And if I believe, I'm saved – no matter what I do. I live in grace because Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins.
So, there is no explanation for all this other than: it's a Zionist plot. Lookie here. I'll prove it to ya. Here is an article on David Duke's site by a genuine Jew Hebrew by the name of Hymie Lipshitz who solemnly swears that when he worked on Kibbutz he overheard the Zionist Bolsheviks talking about taking over the world while they were making compost one day. Whatya say to that, huh?

I am a Truth Seeker. Love and Light! Namaste! Shanti Shanti Shanti! Blessed be.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Some Things Every Jew, "Anti-Zionist" (and Those "Anti-Zionists" Honest Enough to State that They are Anti-Semites Plainly) Should Know

Someone made an important comment about one of my videos, "Exposing the Rothschilds" and his comment and my answer to it relate to the statements above.

The video can be viewed here:

The commenter wrote:

"The Rothschilds were a creation of the Jesuits, to counter the Reformantion. The original Rothschild was a small town banker, who in his lifetime became the richest man on the earth. That takes immense backing, and leverage to control the outcome. The Vatican had and has both. The Rothschilds are mere puppets. It is the Jesuits, who control the money, CIA, KGB, Interpol, FBI, Gustapo, SS, Zionists, and all Secret Societies. Israel is being set up, to be exterminated again, by the Jesuits."

I think the "Reformantion" [sic] he's referring to is the Reform movement in Judaism, which was an outcome of the "Enlightenment".

I answered:

I agree that it is odd that the Rothschilds succeeded so fast and attained what they did. And I don't buy the "reptilian" explanation either. LOL.

I think they were backed by the Vatican to destroy the Jewish people.

The pseudo-Kabbalah that serves as a basis for Masonic and Satanic ritual was devised by one Isaac Luria (aka the Ari). He was born in Jerusalem in 1534, not long after the real Kabbalists arrived in Israel after the expulsion from Spain and Portugal.

It was he who introduced all sorts of weird ideas into the Kabbalah. He tried to peddle his wares in Jerusalem, but the Rabbis there knew too much and he couldn't fool them. So, the went to Tzfat (my home town), where the Jews were less educated. A scant year after he arrived in Tzfat, the greatest of the Kabbalists in Tzfat died. Luria took over and began to teach out and out witchcraft, things that are utterly forbidden in Torah.

The Tree of Life is one of the concepts that Luria injected into Judaism. The way he taught it is NOT normative Jewish mysticism. It introduced the idea of multiplicity in God, which is the height of heresy.

The value 13 is the value of the Hebrew words אחד (pronounced echad [guttural ch], meaning one) and the word אהבה (pronounced ahavah, meaning love). This is what we call the secret of the Covenent of 13. It is grossly misrepresented in the pseudo-Kabbalah of Luria and was introduced into Catholicism as a number that relates to the occult and ominous portents. It is NOT.

Among the things that he taught his inner circle was invocation of familiar spirits. Torah forbids that absolutely.

One of his students claimed he could fly. And the Exilarch in Babylonia warned against such practices in no uncertain terms.

Another of his students rewrote the Code of Jewish Law, introducing all kinds of superstition and black magic.

I should mention that the Code of Jewish Law that was in use up until that time, called Yad HaChazakah (meaning both 'Strong Hand' and Memorial to the Strong), compiled by Maimonides, reflects the fact that the Talmud, upon which Maimonides based his codex, was substantially different from the Talmud we have today. It has been tampered with and edited in the extreme.

Although Luria was about 13 or 15 years old when Loyola died and is not reported as having traveled to Spain; I believe that he was a Vatican plant and of the same mind set as Loyola.

I simply don't believe that the Catholic Church let the Jews who were driven out of Spain and Portugal to settle peacefully in the Holy Land and begin to reconstruct our lost teachings.

Luria was sent to undermine all that.

The Jews have been under attack by the Catholic Church since its inception.

There were always some renegade Jews who were willing to do the ugly work of undermining their People for a price.

The Rothschilds are the latest in that ugly breed.


Saturday, November 01, 2008


I got a message on Facebook that someone had commented on a thread that someone started saying that what they wrote was very moving to them.

I went to the thread and I read the poem for the first time. Reading it, I thought that I might share a video that I made on the same understanding. But I thought better of it because I realized that it wasn't necessary for the person who wrote it to see the video because he had totally grasped the concept.

I then went down to the bottom of the thread to comment on how moving what he wrote is. Scrolling down, I saw that I had already commented on this thread, which I was quite sure I never saw before. In my comment , written Oct. 4; I suggested my video.

Just a few days ago, my Husband, Dan, and I were talking about the word decide. We spoke about the fact that the word is like suicide or homicide - when we decide, we "kill" off the other options, we "kill" off the other realities that would have happened had we decided differently.

We talked about the possibility that there are parallel realities each of which exist, in which in each we made different decisions. This is the first time I ever experienced that that is really real!

Now the recollection of seeing this poem is coming back to me. Yes, I remember that it made me feel closer to the man who wrote it at the time.

But the poem tonight was as though I never saw it before and it is very unlikely that I would have forgotten a poem this moving in such a short period of time.


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