Tuesday, November 04, 2008

White Noise

Some folks have trouble getting to sleep. Something gnaws at the back of their minds when they find themselves alone in the dark.

A handy, dandy device called a White Noise Machine has been designed to help with that. A White Noise Machine is programmed sound that creates the illusion of a tranquil environment and helps them sleep more soundly. It sorta soothes the savage beast. Some of them have a built-in air purifier too. Well, it doesn't really purify the air. It kinda injects a pleasant-smelling, but synthetic, odor into the air.

When you turn it on, it sounds and smells like this:

No, I most certainly do not have any intentions of vacating the land that my ancestors stole from the Natives in my country. And, no; I most certainly do not have to pay them any reparations. Bygones are bygones and what's done is done. You can't change the past, you know. And the Indians who lived on my property probably died from a small-pox infested blanket or something anyway. And besides, I'm part Indian myself. Yep, sure am. My step-uncle is 1/32 Navaho or Apache, or something. I'm only blonde and blue-eyed because I resemble my White relatives. So, I have every right to stay right where I am and enjoy the fruits of what my ancestors pillaged from the Indians, because I am one! I have every right to enjoy the creature comforts of White society because I'm light enough to pass and those that aren't can't. Fair is fair!

Yeah, I admit that Blacks carry names like Jones, Black, White, McLeod, McKinney and Murphy to this day. And, yeah; I admit that those are the names of the owners of the plantations wherein their ancestors were sold into slavery and whereupon they worked. But it was the Jews who ran and profited from the slave trade! I mean, there's Whoopie Goldberg too. Right?

No, it's not significant that all hell is breaking loose in the same countries wherein genocide was wantonly committed. And it most certainly is not the wrath of God!
White Atheists hasten to add: Because there is no God!
White Christian version: Because I believe in the lawd Jesus Christ. Yes, indeedy I do. I do believe. I do believe in Jesus Christ. And if I believe, I'm saved – no matter what I do. I live in grace because Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins.
So, there is no explanation for all this other than: it's a Zionist plot. Lookie here. I'll prove it to ya. Here is an article on David Duke's site by a genuine Jew Hebrew by the name of Hymie Lipshitz who solemnly swears that when he worked on Kibbutz he overheard the Zionist Bolsheviks talking about taking over the world while they were making compost one day. Whatya say to that, huh?

I am a Truth Seeker. Love and Light! Namaste! Shanti Shanti Shanti! Blessed be.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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