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Is the State of Israel a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment...Final Solution? (Part I)

The thought has crossed my mind, in passing, that Israel seems, in many ways, to be one large field experiment. It's also crossed my mind that Israel is the largest concentration of Jews in the world. Nasralla brought that point home a number of times during the war. He invited all the world's Jews to come to Israel - the better to concentrate us in one place and kill us.

But the full terrible realization hit me only today.

I have felt more times than I could imagine that something is very wrong with Israel. I see the distortion of our religion and culture as taught by the government Ministry of Religious Affairs, the brainwashing in the schools; the favoritism of the Ashkenazim; the importation of at least a third of a million non-Jewish Russians; the radiation of Sephardic children in the 50s; the decisions that are taken by the Knesset that are not in Israel's best interest; the corruption of the government; the involvement of Israelis in some of the dirtiest deeds and politics worldwide, which always somehow "leak" to the press and cause us to be an object of ridicule and disdain in the eyes of the world; the inability of Israel to counter the anti-Israel propaganda, Israel's obvious involvement in the NWO...

None of that is Jewish behavior or reflects Jewish teaching and values.

It suddenly hit me that the perfect cover for a Nazi infiltration of Israel would have been the immigration of German and Polish Jews, many of whom had a good deal of White blood in them. If so many Jews could "pass" as Whites, then Nazis could pass as Jews.

There are some Ashkenazi (AshkeNAZI) Jews in Israel who are unlike any other I've ever seen. They radiate cold. They are unfeeling and robotic - they are, in a word, Germanic. And most of them are located in the big cities and found in the topmost positions in business and intelligence - but not the Knesset, because those are Jews most in the public eye and so they have to look Jewish. The Knesset do their bidding. Even the way of speaking of some AshkeNAZI Jews is different. They have the same accent as others, but somehow, because it's not coming through a Jewish vehicle, they sound slightly different.

The Jews were forced under the conditions of ongoing war intentionally created in the Middle East into acting like Nazis, into assuming fascist behavior. In so doing, a number of evil purposes were accomplished. The Nazis running Israeli policy were under deep cover as the world paid increasing attention to Israel's increasingly aberrant behavior. The Jews lost all respect and sympathy in the eyes of the world as they witnessed us perpetrating many of the same acts we were subject to at the hands of the Nazis. We were made to look like utter hypocrites. We claimed to want to be a nation of scholars and farmers. But, the world saw us immediately take up arms. Worst of all, we Jews were increasingly demoralized as a result of becoming increasingly warlike. As our sensitivity waned as a result of becoming battle-hardened and battle-fatigued, so did our ability to perceive the subtle levels of Torah. All this was planned by the Nazis who are running this country. And it is being implemented as I write this and as you read it.

We know that the Nazis infiltrated the American military-industrial complex. We know that the British Royal family are German in origin, having replaced the British monarchy. We know that Nazis infiltrated other countries after WWII and led them on a terrible course.

But we Israelis are taught to believe that they never got here, that Israel is a haven, that Eichmann was hanged and the trouble with the Nazis ended there.

How could that be? How could they be active in other parts of the world and not in Israel?

The English word Zionism is blasted all over the media. Zionism not just a mispronunciation of our tzionut; it's intended to hide the truth in plain view, as is their way. Zion could also be spelled ZIAN and be pronounced the same way. See it now? The Nazis who took over this country, or who founded it in the first place, are accomplishing two purposes with the repetition of the word Zionism. They are driving the message home that the Jews are Nazi-like and, because they just can't keep their egos at bay; they are telling the world that they are actually the ones in control.

Suddenly, many things that never made sense did.

I don't know if the entire State of Israel was a Nazi enterprise/experiment/Final Solution from the get go or if they "just" managed to infiltrate our society deeply enough to steer us off moral and spiritual course.

But they're here and they are undermining us in every way they can. I can feel it.

I just don't know how deep it goes.

Is the State of Israel a Nazi Enterprise/Experiment...Final Solution?
(Continued – Part II)

The Cases of the Missing Yemenite Jewish Children and the Irradiation of Mizrahi Children in Israel

At the outset I am morally obliged to state that what I am about to discuss is not an accusation, most certainly not a formal one.

I posit that the State of Israel *may* be a Nazi enterprise/experiment as a possibility that seems to provide answers for many of the oddities, and worse, that exist in Israel proper and in Israel's relationship to the rest of the world. I do intend to make my position as forcefully as I can, but I have no formal proof in hand. Admittedly, everything I write amounts to "connecting the dots" logically. Yet, I have found no explanation that makes more sense of the otherwise inscrutable events and facts of Israel.

I can only hope that I will present this theory cogently and convincingly enough to inspire others who are better-placed than I to carry out an in-depth investigation to do so.

I have decided to get this information out in installments for a couple of reasons. Many people prefer a "post" format to reading lengthy works nowadays. Also, I do not know if I will be stopped, in one way or another, and I want at least partial information "out there" to serve as a basis of investigation. I fear that if I wait and take the time to write a comprehensive work, nothing will get out. I know my phone is tapped, my computer is monitored and I have reason to believe that my health is being systematically compromised.

I posit that the State of Israel may be a Nazi-run enterprise/experiment and perhaps a "final solution to the Jewish problem". It may very well be that the Nazis have "morphed" into another body, or have dispersed into various diffuse groups. However, they do continue along the same basic ideological lines vis-à-vis the Jews, non-Whites and world domination. It may very well be that the Nazis were mere puppets of more powerful interests and that it is these interests who are now controlling the often bizarre sequence of events that is the State of Israel's present and past. If it is true that Israel is a controlled experiment and we discover who is behind this, it need not be our future.

When it was discovered that:

1) the US brought Nazi scientists and pseudo-scientists into the US after WWII under Operation Paperclip,
2) that those scientists and pseudo-scientists were integrated into the US military-industrial complex,
3) that mind control experts were brought into the US as well and that they operated in other countries,
4) in 1975 Congressional hearings and a presidential commission, ironically headed by Nelson Rockefeller (perfunctorily) examined evidence relating to Project MK-ULTRA (aka MKULTRA),
5) and President Clinton admitted that unethical experiments were carried out at the behest of the US government
- the logical question that should have been asked, at least by Jews, is: *What are the implications for Israel of the fact that Nazis are at large and operating in the most sensitive positions in the US?*

The fact that that very logical and simple question was not entertained widely is reason enough for concern. Why is it that the public-at-large, at least the Jewish public-at-large, could not, and/or did not, make that simple logical leap? Perhaps it is not a coincidence that in the self-same year, 1973, that Israel was involved in the most dangerous war in our history; Richard Helms, then Director of the CIA, destroyed (or hid) most of the MK-ULTRA files. Was the Yom Kippur War one of the sub-projects of MK-ULTRA?

If you are not familiar with Operation Paperclip and the mind control experiments and programs that were the subject of Congressional hearings in 1973, collectively known as MK ULTRA, please see these links for an introduction:

This is the video in which Bill Clinton admitted that "unethical experiments" had been conducted.

Many Yemenite Jewish children disappeared shortly after the Yemenite Jewish community arrived in Israel. Parents were told that their children had died. Mothers who had given birth to perfectly healthy babies in hospitals were told that the babies had died by doctors, nurses and social workers. Decades later, when investigations were demanded, the graves were found to be empty. In some cases, the skeletons of animals were found in the graves.

The investigations were quickly shut up.

Where did the children go?

They weren't put up for adoption, except in a very few instances. Yemenite Jews have always been extremely punctilious about not intermarrying. They are, therefore, a most distinct looking people. Had the children been adopted, they would have been noticeable as adopted children in just about any human family.

The fact that the Yemenite Jews were most probably the genetically closest to Biblical Hebrew might very well have made them a particular target for Nazi curiosity – which always led to experimentation upon humans.

The Yemenite Jews also speak the closest Hebrew to original Hebrew and their customs are in keeping with a version of the Talmud much older and less tampered with than the Code of Jewish Law used by other Jewish groups. That too would have attracted the attention of Nazis.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and the world-famous Yemenite-Israeli singer Ofra Haza, who were both investigating the matter the matter of the Yemenite Jewish children who had disappeared, met tragic ends.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, his sons and his followers were described by the Israeli authorities as heavily-armed, desperate criminals. The Orthodox Rabbi, his sons and his Orthodox followers were not politically motivated in any way. They wanted only to know what the truth of the fate of the Yemenite children was. The Yemenites are generally known, respected and admired in the Jewish world for their scholarship, their gentleness, their politeness, their warmth, their hospitality, their wit, their love of the Jewish People and all of Humanity and creation and the Land of Israel. They are also known for their devotion to their families. They are model Jews. The mendacious accusation that Rabbi Meshulam, his sons and his students were dangerous radicals was beyond grotesque.

Please read the explanation of the person who posted the video about HaRav Uzi Meshulam that I've provided a link to as well as the comments on that video. I am not the only person who believes those children were kidnapped and experimented on because of their unique genotypes:

This is the singer Ofra Haza, of blessed memory. She too tried to investigate what happened to the Yemenite children.

The article says: "Ofra Haza died at the age of 42 on the 23rd February 2000 – the cause being widely reported as organ failure or pneumonia, reportedly arising from HIV/AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) complications. Her family declined to confirm or deny these reports, however, stating that it was Haza's wish that the matter should remain private. There was considerable media interest into the circumstances of her death.
Although initial reports suggested that Haza was only suffering from
pneumonia or an extended bout with the flu, The Jerusalem Post reports that her condition rapidly deteriorated after she entered the hospital. By the end, Haza was unconscious after suffering liver and kidney failure and was said to be receiving intravenous drug treatment. Administrators at *Sheba Hospital* said that Haza's heart finally stopped beating on Wednesday because of an abnormal increase in the amount of hydrogen in her body.[4]
After Haza's death was announced, Israeli radio stations played non-stop retrospectives of her music and Prime Minister
Ehud Barak praised her work as a cultural emissary, commenting that she also represented the Israeli success story – "Ofra emerged from the Hatikvah slums to reach the peak of Israeli culture. She has left a mark on us all".
(Please note that "the HaTikva slums" is an area of Tel Aviv in which Mizrahi and Yemenite Jews were ghettoized and systematically impoverished. There were, are are, many systematic programmes of povertization in Israel. I hope to touch on a few of them in the course of the coming installments.)
"In December 2007, Israel's
Channel 10 disclosed previously confidential medical records affirming that Ashkenazi contracted the virus between 1992 and 1993 and Haza contracted the disease between 1995 and 1997".
(Please note the dates, 1995 and 1997. You'll see that same time frame in the Meshulam videos.)
Ofra Haza was known for her extreme modesty. It was only half-jokingly said that she was probably a virgin when she married (when she was almost 40 years old). She didn't so much as date. She devoted all her time to singing. It was known that she did not use drugs. How did she die of AIDS???

Note that she died in SHEBA Hospital. Keep that name in mind when you watch the following videos concerning the irradiation of Mizrahi children.

We know that about 100,000 Mizrahi children were subjected to irradiation in the 50s. An expose on Israeli television some time ago reported this tragedy. Short clips from that televised expose can be found in the videos the links to which I've provided below.

Please note the similarity of attitude of the "AshkeNAZIs" (by AshkeNAZI, I mean *imposters* who, I believe, were Nazis posing as Ashkenazi Jews who infiltrated Israel with the German Jewish community) mentioned in these videos to Eugenics and the attitude of the Nazis, from whose grip these (supposed) Jews had very recently been putatively rescued. It makes perfect sense that those imposters are not only hiding behind the genuine German Ashkenazi Jewish community, but are shifting the blame in the media for what they are doing onto the Ashkenazis in general. It makes sense that they would not single the German Jews out in particular, because that might arouse an association with the Nazis. I believe that the blame for the atrocities being committed in this country by Nazis is being projected onto Ashkenazi Jews.

I believe the doubts being promulgated as to the authenticity of the Ashkenazi community, i.e., the talk we hear of the Ashkenazis "not being real Jews" is a scapegoating of them by the imposter AshkeNAZIs hiding in their midst. It is absurd to contend that the Ashkenazis are not real Jews. Surely some of them are the descendants of the Khazars who converted. First of all, we accept those who undergo conversion according to Jewish Law as real Jews without qualification, except that they cannot marry Cohenim (Priests, note further discussion of the Cohenim to come.). Over the many generations since that conversion, which took place somewhere between 740 and the mid-800s CE; the Khazar converts have married thoroughly into the genetically Jewish community. Recent findings of the "Cohen gene", as a result of DNA testing, show conclusively that the Cohenim (Priests) of all of the Jewish communities who claim descent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob carry this gene. No one but a Nazi could invent so outrageous a claim concerning the Ashkenazi community. And no group has more reason for doing so. They are hiding the identity of their own Nazi spies in that community, whom they would extricate from danger if, as a result of the blame being foisted on them by the Nazis hiding in their midst, the Ashkenazi Jews were prosecuted or persecuted.

The similarity of the Eugenic theories of the Nazis and those of the people who ran the Eugenics programs in Israel is so striking that one has to ask: Are these actually Nazi spies operating in Israel who were made to look Jewish and who were given fake Jewish identities? Are they Jews who are the victims of Nazi mind control who were placed in sensitive positions in Israel to continue the horror? Could they possibly be Nazi-sympathetic Jews acting freely? The last possibility seems the least plausible to me.

Please read the information provided by the people who posted the following videos.

Please note that the man interviewed in this video states that he was irradiated in the very first facility of its kind in Israel. It was located in Haifa, as the video states. It is noteworthy that so many German Jews settled in Haifa that, to this day, there is an area of Haifa known as the German Quarter. My husband grew up in that quarter. His Father was from Berlin and his Mother from Vienna. I asked my husband if the facility is near the German Quarter. He says that it is not in the vicinity. It makes sense that it would not be located in very close proximity to the Nazis who were operating it, so that if it was discovered that something nefarious was going on there, the people involved would not be immediately implicated. But it was close enough to where they lived to be a convenient ride to "work".

I asked my husband if he remembers anyone odd among the German Jewish community, people who did not seem to fit. His honest answer is that he was a child and would not have noticed.

They all spoke German and the German and Austrian Jews were highly assimilated. Some were the products of intermarriage. German was their mother tongue and they all struggled to learn Hebrew. If there were Nazis among them they would have gone unnoticed as the Jews from Germany were so very enculturated as Germans. Nazis would look, sound and act perfectly normal to them in the course of every day affairs. The cover would have been perfect.

I'd like to say some more about German Ashkenazi Jews. I married one and I have lived among them on Kibbutz HaZorea. They are maddeningly rule-bound and concerned with correctitude and exactitude, they are materialistic, they are ambitious, they aren't the warmest people in the world and they tend to be insufferably arrogant, thinking of themselves as "culture vultures". (Luckily, my Husband is a renegade :0) They can make someone feel very unwelcome. But they are NOT capable of atrocities. And they are NOT arrant racists. Not only does my husband's mother "brag everywhere she goes", as she puts it, about her Great-Grandson, whose father is from Brazil; she was genuinely saddened when one of her grandsons broke up with an Ethiopian young woman he had been seeing seriously. My mother-in-law was sincerely hoping they would marry. She liked the girl.

The ugly, extreme, murderous racism described in the videos, which led to programmes of Eugenics are NOT characteristic of German Ashkenazi Jews. Those are Nazi concepts and programmes. I cannot visualize any of the German Ashkenazi Jews whom I know or have known devising and taking part in such atrocities. Either they were carried out by Nazi infiltrators or they were carried out by trauma-based, mind controlled Jews who were in a state of utter dissociation when the did that. But the latter possibility does not jibe with the fact that the video describes those who administered the program of irradiation of Mizrahi children as ideological Eugenicists. Ideological Eugenicists are people in a static state of mind, not people suffering from trauma-induced Dissociative Identity Disorder. That is another why I tend to believe that there were Nazis who infiltrated Israeli society from the very inception of the State, and probably prior to the founding of the State, as far back as the 1930s. And I believe they are still running the State of Israel and are the ones responsible for the horrific acts that Israel has been implicated in.

Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who claimed to represent a group involved in seeking to it that Sephardi Jews who are, get this: "victims of ringworm and polio" get the reparations that the government is giving out to them. Since when is a person a victim of ringworm? Any American who lived through the polio epidemic in the US, during the time when the polio vaccine was the live organism, which caused family members to contract the disease, knows that something was very strange about that epidemic. Here in Israel they mentioned reparations for polio and ringworm in one breath. That's like mentioning color wars in summer camps and the Olympics in one breath – unless the Israeli government is doing a follow up study on victims of experimentation.

In closing I should like to say that it has never made sense to me that Israel is capable of applying so much pressure on American foreign policy. The AIPAC explanation for Jewish leverage just did not make sense to me. Looking at the relative size of the Jewish community in the US and the tiny dot on the map that is the State of Israel, it is not reasonable that this country is forcing America's hand and arousing international interest in the press. It does not make sense unless there is a power that is running both the US *and* Israel. We know that Senator Prescott Bush, father of GHWB and grandfather of GWB, bankrolled the Nazis, including the building of concentration camps and the creation of Xyclon B gas. There are many reasons to believe that the Israel-Bush connection is based on the Nazis who are pulling both GWB's strings and that of the Israeli government.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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