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The Non-White Man's Burden

The ideas I'm about to present herein are still nebulous. Please allow me to state at the outset that I invite the readers to respond to what I am grappling with herein and help me clarify these ideas, because I do not think that any one person can get a complete, or even sufficient, conception of it.

I've been thinking about this problem for quite some time and the more I think about it, the more formidable the task of formulating a solution seems.

What I am about to state is not all cut and dried, of course, because we are all a mixture of different Peoples.

I am half Anglo. So, I am not totally exempting myself from what I'm about to say. Although I make no bones about the fact that the Jewish part of me saves me from the most extreme forms of what I am about to describe.
Some of those White people who are also beginning to recognize the phenomenon I'll describe briefly herein would prefer to think that they've been tampered with genetically, perhaps by aliens. I think the answer is far more prosaic.

Of all of the peoples on this Earth, the White man, and of course woman, is the least in touch with their Souls.
As a result, White people (and by White I mean those generally referred to as "Anglos") are characterized by going from one "trip" to another and are singularly susceptible to the occult. They live in their heads, uncomfortable in their bodies and, as a result, they are too cerebral (leading to illusions and delusions) and not emotional and instinctive enough (leading to isolation, which feeds the delusions). They are the least in touch with the rhythms of nature of all Peoples. As a result, they are those are the least aroused to sacred awe by nature, and thus they do not treasure life to the extent necessary to be a peaceful People that can humbly take their place beside all of the extant creatures with an attitude of preparedness to nurture and protect. Unable as they are to live serenely in their own skins, they do their damnedest to see to it that the other humans and life forms that inhabit this planet don't either. Whites, as a result of being so remote from their own Souls, have been rapacious spiritual vampires on the face of our mother Earth. They have harmed the most spiritual Peoples again and again. They have targeted the most spiritual cultures for physical and cultural extinction. When confronted with the reality of what their progenitors have done, they angrily respond with: "I'm not responsible for any of that", while enjoying the fruits of their forebears' brutality without compunction.I know that people become very uncomfortable when someone singles out one group of people as defective. They think it necessarily leads to thoughts of genocide. But this by no means is the necessary conclusion. That thought enters people's minds because *Whites* have always used the "defective" excuse for their own plans for, and implementations of, genocide. The healthy and correct reaction should be compassion and asking ourselves how to help them, while humanely containing their aggression until such time as they can. The truly human reaction to the recognition that another human is sick and in need of help is to offer the succor they need.
There are truths that are universal, of course, but there are nuances of moral/spiritual teaching that are specific to the special abilities and talents of each Specific people.

All of the Peoples on Earth, except the Whites, have had sons and daughters of those specific Peoples sent to them as sages and Prophets. They must be homegrown in order to be in sync with the specific "vibe" of their People, in addition to receiving the universal truths.

Only the White man has not *yet* received those Sages, or, they came but their message has been forgotten and must be restored.

As a result, when a White person tries to connect to God, they are forced to go as beggars to other cultures. To deal with the pride of being a beggar, they become a plunderer. They plundered the Torah of the Jews, the wisdom of Hinduism and Buddhism, that of the Natives. That of the Blacks they could not appropriate because they could not perceive it, but they created conditions under which the Blacks were hard-pressed contact their Souls.

The White man awaits the Sage/s who will show them their specific Way so that they may be integrated into the family of Man.

I asked myself how this all started. Though I do honestly think that there is something endemic in White people that caused them to become so uniquely separated from their Souls, I believe that that is a necessary reaction of any People becoming a dominant culture.

In order for one to accept oneself as part of a dominant People, one has to visualize the subjected as "other" and "inferior", as "removed" from one's own circle. This unnatural and unreal division of humanity in the mind causes a rift not only between man and man, but between man and God. When we distance ourselves from part of creation, most especially part of humanity, we distance ourselves from our own Souls. In the case of the White man that separation is so complete in some of them that they cannot access their Soul at all and conclude that there is no God.

The most extreme examples of this I have encountered are the examples of the White cosmologists who posit that our reality is being generated by super-computers by a far more "advanced" (that means more cerebral still) "civilization. Only someone with no experience of their Soul at all could imagine such a horror.

Another example is that of someone on the net who responded to a discussion of death with the following statement: "We don't die. Robots don't die. They're terminated." This human being is so detached from his Soul, so completely devoid of the experience of the indwelling God; he seriously entertains the delusion that he is and android and so he sees everyone else. That's how bad the "trip" can get.

When, in order to be part of a culture that demands of one to worry about their physical appearance to the neglect of their emotions, the needs of others, other aspects of life that should be priorities, one loses contact with one's inner self. Every moment a person spends worrying about his or her weight, cellulite, the length of her fingernails, his or her haircut, the brand of his or her clothes, etc. is a moment that has not been spent in contact with one's Soul.

If, one is part of a dominant culture that is driven by "the Protestant work ethic", one spends a great deal of their working hours at work. And if that work is not ethical, not producing something salubrious and lovely and inspiring, if their work is based on competition, which encourages and develops cunning, then every action that they take removes them from the indwelling God until they cannot make contact with God. As those moments constitute the vast majority of the thoughts and actions required of Whites, the experience of God recedes continuously for them until it is very near extinguished.

There is no culture that has been more brutal about these demands of their own sons and daughters than the White man.

Modern Western society that does not allow White people a single moment of not being consumed with what is expected of them to do and think and feel has been built on Christianity. These poor Souls were taught, on fear of eternal suffering if they dared to so much as think otherwise, that they are absolutely forbidden to experience God directly, that they can only access God through an intermediary.

One would think that it would have occurred to them that they do not need an intermediary to experience their arrogance or their anger or their disdain or their greed or their jealousy. They certainly find those inner experiences at the ready and can access them at will anytime. Why in the world should an intermediary be necessary to experience God? The fact that this thought did not occur to them leads me to believe that there is, in fact, something in them that makes them uniquely susceptible to being removed from their Souls – and that something is their inability to access their love, compassion and, most of all, humble, sacred awe for another being. Oh, they give lip service to those experiences, but they are also the people who contend that under a very thin veneer of civilization man is an animal. I certainly do not experience myself that way. I don't think that most human beings do.

It is easy to be aroused to arrogant pity for someone we disdain, someone we feel superior to, someone who is poorer than we in one way or another, by someone who is ugly, by someone who we would never want to be. But to be aroused to compassion for someone who is someone we have been taught to admire, to wish to resemble, to wish to emulate, who has what we have been taught is desirable to attain, who is an object of our envy, respect and admiration is far, far more difficult. To find compassion in ourselves for someone we hate and resent as an oppressor is most difficult of all – and yet, if we are to understand the true estate of "Anglos" and help them, that is precisely what we must do.

Our being taught that White is the most desirable physical form, that the detached cerebral quality Whites are characterized by is the height of intellect and rationality and the epitome of intelligence, our being taught that their social mechanisms are the most civilized, that their art forms are the most rarified and that their contributions to human history are the most profound and important is a double edged sword. In truth, it cuts the White man and woman far more deeply than it does those who are being told this about White people because for Whites it *is* what they are supposed to be, nay, required to be, how they must think of themselves, how they are to behave, everything they are to accept as their identity, their being, their surrounding and indwelling reality. For non-Whites it was propaganda. For Whites it was the cruelest mind and emotions and spiritual control.

I always thought that when it was mostly White people in the media it was primarily because they were ignoring the existence of other races. It is certainly true that it was one of the reasons. But the primary reason for showing Whites in the media was to program Whites. They were presented with the images of what they were supposed to be. The images they saw were images that looked like them. They were presented with modes of thought, behavior, relating to others, etc. in the media that they could not but accept as necessary because they saw people who looked like what they see in the mirror on the screen.

For the rest of us, those images were physical ideals that we could either never achieve, if we belonged to other races, or achieve only by modifying ourselves with hair dyes, contact lenses and surgery if we were White, but not Anglos. Even those White, but not Anglo, ethnic groups who made themselves look as Anglo as possible did not totally identify with what they saw on the big and little screen. They had the memory of how they looked before they modified themselves and cultural memories that were an integral part of them. Perhaps there was an ever-so-slight accent or sing song in their speech, or an almost imperceptible, but not quite, physical gesture or facial expression they made that gave them away as not being Anglo. So, they had no choice but to retain something of who they are.

It was only the Whites who were absolutely and totally programmed by the media because they were the images that they saw on the screen. It was their real blonde hair that they saw, their actual way of speech that they heard, their actual home towns that they saw in the media, their places of work, the church steeples in their towns. For them, there was no escape into being themselves sparked by being somehow different. They *had* to be what they saw on the screen and what was demanded of them as the dominant culture. For them, the control was absolute and complete, and inescapable.

It is from that terrible prison of total illusion and isolation from the rest of humankind that we are enjoined to help them escape.

The job is not easy because even the most aware of them are not aware of the severity of their condition. They will not cooperate in their liberation. They will deny that this is true and revile us and perhaps worse. Most importantly, we cannot allow ourselves to be brutalized by saving them.

We must develop humane ways of treating the most profoundly mentally, morally and spiritually ill of our brothers and sisters and, at the same time, protect ourselves from their vampire bite.

The task is daunting, but we must find the love and compassion within ourselves to do this.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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