Sunday, November 23, 2008

Notice How the Jesuits Never Tampered with the Notions about Yeshu

There are some very important pictures in the video: Jesuit Infiltration into America (First Video Created)

1) the Babylonian sun symbol right at the beginning
2) Look at the symbol around the Babylonian god's neck at 39 seconds
3) the head of the god Dagon and the mitre (Mithra?) of a bishop at 42 seconds.
4) The drawing of Ignatius of Loyola with the skull at 59 seconds
5) Look at Hitler's posture in the photo seen at 1:10. He is clearly deferent. See him leaning in to shake the cleric's hand. The cleric is hardly exerting himself to extend his hand, this makes Hitler have to bend over. He is keeping his head down slightly and looking at the clerical with upcast eyes.
6) The pope making the horned hand sign with both hands at 10:10

Also see this series:

RARE 1983PART 1 Jesuit Infiltration Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera

It is said that both Alberto Rivera and Jim Arrabito died mysterious deaths.

Notice that the one issue that the Jesuits did not attempt to change in Christianity is the teaching that no one can get to God without going through Yeshu. They *never* taught that one should pray to God as Yeshu supposedly did - directly. If one is supposed to imitate Yeshu, then why not in this respect?

Or, if they were supposedly undermining Christian spirituality, why didn't they teach that Yeshu was only a great teacher?

They didn't undermine Christian notions about Yeshu because that is the most central occult teaching in Christianity and the Jesuits saw no reason to modify or tamper with it.

In fact, when they steered Judaism in just that direction with the introduction of the "Rebbe" being Ein Sof b'Guf (The Unending in a body) in Hassidut. Among the Jews who never accepted this idea are the Yemenites (think kidnapped children) and the Sephardim Tehorim, many of whom fled to Morocco (think 100,000 irradiated children) after the Expulsions. I consider CHaBa"D to be among the most compromised and infiltrated Jews.

To believe that one must go through a person to get to God is a very deeply occult idea. In fact, it's as deep as one can go into the occult without learning black magic - which is just where the Jesuits want people.


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