Saturday, November 29, 2008

When I tried to post about child abuse on the Tzfat Yahoo! list, Chana Spellman, the moderator, blocked my posts. She returned the posts to me marked "REJECTED" and said I was "Charedi bashing". She would not so much as let me post a link to a site that discusses Jewish Law concerning child abuse, which I subsequently published on my Lists. "Voice of the Turtledove and Loosen the Fetters of Injustice.

I was treated on the Yahoo! Tzfat list as though I was some kind of troublemaker for discussing this subject.

Though I have never been a Charedi "basher", and , in fact, wrote extensively about the fact that the Charedi communities are being steered into aberrant behavior by interested parties; I was treated as though I am hostile to the Charedi and religious communities by a number of people on that List. I tried to write about the fact that there is a good deal of child abuse in Tzfat.

My posts were rejected by Chana Spellman saying that "it's no worse than in other communities". First, even if that were true; the matter would still need to be addressed. But I'm not sure it's true. The problem of child abuse seems more prevalent among the Charedim, in particular, than in other communities. I believe that this is due to the inordinate amount of infiltration of agents provacateurs in those communities.

That is the reason that I left the list.

I maintain to this day that there is infiltration of the Charedi and religious world by the Jesuits, and has been for a long time, to the purpose of steering Judaism in a dark direction.

And any of you who see this are more than welcome to inform Chana Spellman and the rest of that list that I have written this on the net for all to see. My list is not a closed one and this message may very well show up on many Search Engines.

I hope it does. Let the world come to their conclusions about why I was treated as pariah when I tried to expose the rampant child abuse in the Orthodox communities and was summarily censored.

Hiding information about information that could lead to the discovery of children being abused in this country is illegal, BTW.


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