Saturday, November 01, 2008


I got a message on Facebook that someone had commented on a thread that someone started saying that what they wrote was very moving to them.

I went to the thread and I read the poem for the first time. Reading it, I thought that I might share a video that I made on the same understanding. But I thought better of it because I realized that it wasn't necessary for the person who wrote it to see the video because he had totally grasped the concept.

I then went down to the bottom of the thread to comment on how moving what he wrote is. Scrolling down, I saw that I had already commented on this thread, which I was quite sure I never saw before. In my comment , written Oct. 4; I suggested my video.

Just a few days ago, my Husband, Dan, and I were talking about the word decide. We spoke about the fact that the word is like suicide or homicide - when we decide, we "kill" off the other options, we "kill" off the other realities that would have happened had we decided differently.

We talked about the possibility that there are parallel realities each of which exist, in which in each we made different decisions. This is the first time I ever experienced that that is really real!

Now the recollection of seeing this poem is coming back to me. Yes, I remember that it made me feel closer to the man who wrote it at the time.

But the poem tonight was as though I never saw it before and it is very unlikely that I would have forgotten a poem this moving in such a short period of time.


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