Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jesuit Infiltration Of Judaism, Including Zionism

I highly recommend this video in its entirety. But please, at the very least, see last few minutes of this part n in which a 7th Day Adventist confirms that the Jesuits infiltrated Judaism and the Zionist movement, inter alia.

Let there be no mistakes. I am not a Christian of any kind. I am an observant Jew and I am a Zionist in the original sense of the word.

I have to offer these sites for information only because there are no comparable Jewish sites. The Jews, in every stream of Judaism, are so deeply infiltrated and brainwashed that they do not even know this is transpiring. So, I have no choice but to turn to a Christian source for the information.

Needless to say, you'll not find this information in Hebrew.I urge you to also see this site:

You'll see that the Jesuits infiltrated Islam and the Arabs as well.Shimon Peres is said to be a Jesuit operative and eight of the 13 Prime Ministers of Israel have been high level Freemasons (including ben Gurion, Peres, Rabin Netanyahu and Olmert). The then Knights Templar, now the Knights of Malta subsequently associated with the Jesuits, infiltrated Freemasonry and completely overran it. *Please* research the significance of this.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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