Sunday, November 30, 2008

Somebody Has To Tell the Christians the Truth

I guess it devolves upon me.

I'm going to be perfectly frank with you.

Christians begged for the perversion that is Catholicism, which is Satanism.

From the very first, the idea that one has to go through a mediator in order to reach God, the idea of everlasting hell and immaculate conception, to name a salient few, were such occult ideas that you fairly begged for Satanism.

There was no Satanism before there was Christianity. That's a lie told my occultist Christians. There were confused, sick and brutal fertility cults, to be sure, but there was no Satanism.

Satanism is a peculiarly Christian invention.

And the worst of the sins Christianity committed, and commits to this day, is the attempt to arrograte the Torah of the Jews and supplant us as God's Chosen People. And, having committed that sin, you then brought the Hell of your imagination upon yourselves when you set about punishing us for your imagined infraction.

God doesn't change His mind. When we were chosen, we were chosen forever. If you think that God did not know that we would sin when He chose us as his special and sacred treasure or is given to caprice, it's only because you worship a human being and don't know how to discern Divine Will from human thought.

We were chosen forever despite the fact that God knew we would sin - because the Jews, all Jews, every one of us in every generation, are so connected to God; when we sin it is only to return to God stronger than ever, having descended into filth in order to purify it.

You are going to pay all Hell and suffer the tortures of the damned of your own invention for what you did to God's choshen People and, as Torah teaches, we will merely watch with our eyes as myriads fall all around us.

Belief in Jesus isn't going to help a single bit when the sins of the Churches, all the Churches, are held up before you and you're asked by the Heavenly Court: Did you defend the Jews against these lies and this liabel? Did you protect My People from those who sought to devour them for no reason other than the fact that I loved them above all men because they serve Me above all men?

And do not say you did not know what you did when that day comes, very soon now. You have been instructed to know.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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