Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some Things Every Jew, "Anti-Zionist" (and Those "Anti-Zionists" Honest Enough to State that They are Anti-Semites Plainly) Should Know

Someone made an important comment about one of my videos, "Exposing the Rothschilds" and his comment and my answer to it relate to the statements above.

The video can be viewed here:


The commenter wrote:

"The Rothschilds were a creation of the Jesuits, to counter the Reformantion. The original Rothschild was a small town banker, who in his lifetime became the richest man on the earth. That takes immense backing, and leverage to control the outcome. The Vatican had and has both. The Rothschilds are mere puppets. It is the Jesuits, who control the money, CIA, KGB, Interpol, FBI, Gustapo, SS, Zionists, and all Secret Societies. Israel is being set up, to be exterminated again, by the Jesuits."

I think the "Reformantion" [sic] he's referring to is the Reform movement in Judaism, which was an outcome of the "Enlightenment".

I answered:

I agree that it is odd that the Rothschilds succeeded so fast and attained what they did. And I don't buy the "reptilian" explanation either. LOL.

I think they were backed by the Vatican to destroy the Jewish people.

The pseudo-Kabbalah that serves as a basis for Masonic and Satanic ritual was devised by one Isaac Luria (aka the Ari). He was born in Jerusalem in 1534, not long after the real Kabbalists arrived in Israel after the expulsion from Spain and Portugal.

It was he who introduced all sorts of weird ideas into the Kabbalah. He tried to peddle his wares in Jerusalem, but the Rabbis there knew too much and he couldn't fool them. So, the went to Tzfat (my home town), where the Jews were less educated. A scant year after he arrived in Tzfat, the greatest of the Kabbalists in Tzfat died. Luria took over and began to teach out and out witchcraft, things that are utterly forbidden in Torah.

The Tree of Life is one of the concepts that Luria injected into Judaism. The way he taught it is NOT normative Jewish mysticism. It introduced the idea of multiplicity in God, which is the height of heresy.

The value 13 is the value of the Hebrew words אחד (pronounced echad [guttural ch], meaning one) and the word אהבה (pronounced ahavah, meaning love). This is what we call the secret of the Covenent of 13. It is grossly misrepresented in the pseudo-Kabbalah of Luria and was introduced into Catholicism as a number that relates to the occult and ominous portents. It is NOT.

Among the things that he taught his inner circle was invocation of familiar spirits. Torah forbids that absolutely.

One of his students claimed he could fly. And the Exilarch in Babylonia warned against such practices in no uncertain terms.

Another of his students rewrote the Code of Jewish Law, introducing all kinds of superstition and black magic.

I should mention that the Code of Jewish Law that was in use up until that time, called Yad HaChazakah (meaning both 'Strong Hand' and Memorial to the Strong), compiled by Maimonides, reflects the fact that the Talmud, upon which Maimonides based his codex, was substantially different from the Talmud we have today. It has been tampered with and edited in the extreme.

Although Luria was about 13 or 15 years old when Loyola died and is not reported as having traveled to Spain; I believe that he was a Vatican plant and of the same mind set as Loyola.

I simply don't believe that the Catholic Church let the Jews who were driven out of Spain and Portugal to settle peacefully in the Holy Land and begin to reconstruct our lost teachings.

Luria was sent to undermine all that.

The Jews have been under attack by the Catholic Church since its inception.

There were always some renegade Jews who were willing to do the ugly work of undermining their People for a price.

The Rothschilds are the latest in that ugly breed.


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