Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What is Halakha L'Ma'aseh?

If you've been learning Torah for even a short time, you most likely have heard the expression Halakhah L'Ma'aseh. That expression is usually translated as the practical application of at Torah Law – which it is.
But it is also renderedas the practical application of Torah Law as interpreted by the Rabbis. We are expected to accept that given.  And that, boys and girls, it is not necessarily.

Let's look at what Halakha L'Ma'aseh really is.

First the term Halakha, which is derived from the root meaning to walk, is equal to the value 60,and is an anagram for the word HaCalah – which means the Bride.

The word L'Ma'aseh is equal to the value 445. That is the value of the word tamah – which means the perfect one in the feminine singular.

So, Halakhah L'Ma'aseh means the perfect Bride.

Any Rabbi who thinks he is the perfect Bride has, well, some issues.

Who might that perfect Bride be? Well, lets add the values 60 and 445 together and see what we get. Wait. Still counting on my fingers….It's 505! That is the value of the Name Sarah.

So, Sarah *is* Halakha L'Ma'aseh – the perfect Bride.

What other words and expressions equal the Name Sarah and Halakah L'Ma'aseh and the perfect Bride? The term Chokmat HaLev, meaning the Wisdom of the Heart is also equal to 505. So, now we know that Torah Law must be interpreted with Wisdom of the Heart. (The word Wisdom contains the word
מח, meaning brain in it. Not to worry. We do not disengage the Brain when we proceed from Wisdom of the Heart.)

There is another expression that equals 1504, which is gematria is the same as 505 because aleph is equal to both 1 and 1000. That expression is: HaChukim HaEliyonim – meaning the Most High Laws.

How many Rabbis have approached the level of the Wisdom of Sarah? The answer is: None. Men do not get to that level. Only Women can begin to approach is. This is the problem with Rabbinic interpretation. The Rabbis do not know their proper place. They have attempted to arrogate the realms of the Wisdom of Women. This is why the world is in the shambles that it is.

The Throne is the Wisdom of Women. That is the Throne that must be re-established.

I'll give the proofs below, because that is the way that people who learn real Torah roll. They show the Hebrew proofs – not try to cower you with authority and threats of punishment.

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