Wednesday, May 24, 2017

 What is Shabbat and How Does Shabbat Relate to the Gentiles?

As with all matters in Torah, in order to understand what is written we must engage both our Reason and our Compassion and have them not only in balance – but have the one contained mutually, the one within the other. This is the correct understanding of HaShem creating male and female. All creation must have Compassion contained in Reason and Reason contained in Compassion mutually. Birth, Creation and Understanding are one and the same.

In order to understand what Shabbat is, it is necessary to understand what time is.
Time is not an abstract concept. The Hebrew word for time is z'man. That is the very same root that the Hebrew word to invite or to summon derives from. Time is those whom we have invited or summoned to be present with us.

What is a 'day'? Well, we already understand that it cannot be an abstract concept. The Hebrew word for day is equal to the value of 616.  This is the same value as the Hebrew words and terms: the Torah, generations and You are the pregnant one. When we understand that 'day' and 'generations' are one and the same, we understand that the Creation is very ancient – and very new, at once and all silly questions about how old the Creation is no longer entertain the mind.

Shabbat is equal to the value 702. This is the same value as the Hebrew word Ben – which means Son. It is also equal to the expression: Daughter from every generation. It is also equal to the root to bless. Shabbat, Son, Daughter of every generation and bless are also equal to the Hebrew word for 'the lands'.

The Hebrew word for 'extant reality'  is equal to 552, which is the value of the Hebrew word for your Son. It is equal to the expressions: all flesh,  everything within You and he has relayed everything.

Reality, then, is God's progeny. If we get to a high enough level of Compassion within Reason and Reason with Compassion we are assumed into the God Head-Womb and – reality becomes Our progeny.

The Name Chava (Eve) is equal to 19, which is the value of the Hebrew word Goy, which means a People. It is also equal to the value of the Hebrew words and expression: my Brother, my Brothers, unity, unification and meditative learning (in the sense of learning Torah).

The Name Noach is equal to 58, which is the value of the expression His Son it would also be equal to the expression the joy of Her Daughter and also the fund of Her Daughter.

Keeping the Shabbat, then, is guarding over all of the Peoples, all of the lands and every creature that is in them as our own issue – because that is what they are.

Those people who do not love Humanity as a Father and as a Mother, those who do not see all the Peoples and every being that dwells and exists in every Land as their own progeny and do not protect them as their Children are not keeping Shabbat at all.

When we love all Peoples and all Creatures as our Children, there is Repose and Peace in the Creation and in our Hearts. We no longer labor we have expressed our deepest Love. That means we have given birth fully to the Creation. So, there is no more need of labor. We only experience the pangs of labor until we have expressed our Love for the Creation, which is our Child, fully. After birth, we engage with and play in the Creation - the raising of or Child and caring for our Child. To care for is the Hebrew word Shmirah – which is the same word usually translated as "keeping" Shabbat.
This is Shabbat.

Okey dokey, then.

Got that so far?

We've seen that the Hebrew word for Son and the Hebrew expression Daughter of Every Generation are One and The Same.

The Hebrew word for Father is Av, equalling three - the letter gimmel. The Hebrew word Bitam, meaning Their Daughter, is equal to 1002, which is One and The Same as 3. Aleph equals both one and one thousand. So 3 and 1002 and 2001 are One and The Same. It is also the expressions At Am - You Are Mother and With Mother. Father and Mother and their Daughter are identical. And we have seen that Ben (Son) is equal to Bat (Daughter) from every generation.

The Hebrew word for The Father is Ha'Av. It is equal to 8, the letter chet.

There are expressions that equal 1007 in Hebrew. Remember aleph is equal to one and one thousand. So 8 and 1007 are One and The Same. Those expressions is At Em - meaning You Are The Mother and With The Mother and The Daughter Connection and the Daughter of Adam.

So, Ha'Av - the Father - is One and the Same as You Are Mother and With Mother and The Daughter Connection.

Now we can understand the teaching that the Son and the Father are One and The Same correctly.

The Mother, The Father, The Son, The Daughter are One. And that means Y-O-U.

If we're going to go full tilt boogey Mashiach Consciousness - let's do it right this time.

The Hebrew proofs are written below in the two last Hebrew proofs. When someone who understands Torah correctly and deeply relays matters in Torah, they give the Hebrew proofs for their interpretations. You should demand that anyone who teaches you Torah do the same. If someone teaching you Torah cannot provide the Hebrew proof for that which they claim, they do not understand Torah deeply enough to teach it. It is not enough to say: I have heard from my Teachers. One must prove that they have heard and understood. If they understood, they know the Hebrew proof themselves willingly and happily provide it.

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