Tuesday, May 02, 2017


The Hebrew word
דם, meaning blood, is the gematria 604, which is the value of The Tree of Life. Please see the proofs below.

The Rabbis are poisoning the blood in your Heart with their misogyny and with their other dark interpretations. When that poisoned blood gets into the vessels of the conjunctiva of your eyes which are particularly rich in blood vessels - you'll see Torah and everything else horrifically distorted because your eyes are being fed with poisoned blood from your Heart.

The Christians, having been poisoned in their hearts by the Rabbis' interpretations, then we yet further afield. Christianity is not the correction of the Rabbis' interpretations. It is taking the worst of them to their end conclusion.

That is the real meaning of bad blood - the blood in the heart poisoned by hatred and disrespect for the value of all Life then flows throughout the entire Body - meaning the entire Creation.

One of the other expression that is the same value as דם, meaning blood, is the well of Yishayahu (Isaiah's well). Those who teach Torah incorrectly and thereby poison the blood in the heart, are the poisoners of The Well. Yishayahu's Name is equal to 401 which is א and ת. Yishayahu's words are the aleph and the tav - the beginning and the end of all creation. To poison his well is to poison the entire Creation.

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