Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rabbinical Judaism Spawned 
Christianity and Islam

It is time to tell the truth about Rabbinic Judaism, and its unacknowledged daughters - Christianity and Islam.
Rabbinical Judaism spawned Christianity. When the Rabbis give up their Babylonian idol worship and the belief that Torah needs a second book to be complete, Christianity will fade because the root from which is sprang will be uprooted. Same goes for Islam. They exist only to show the Jews their errors in a magnifying mirror.

Let me explain. Pharisaic Judaism is based on the belief that Torah describes rituals that are not clearly explained and they need another book to explain just how to carry out the rituals.
The Christians say: Well, if the Jews need a second book to explain Torah, then it must need a second book to explain it. We'll make up one of our own.

But Torah is not a book of ritual at all! It only looks that way to those who are not permitted entrance into Torah. It needs no other book to explain it to those who have the Eyes and the Heart to be able to read it.
But Torah is not a book of ritual at all! It only looks that way to those who are not permitted entrance into Torah.

The Rabbis do not understand when Torah teaches the secrets of breathing or of seeing. They think a ritual is being performed and then they make themselves ridiculous by carrying out rituals which are, unbeknownst to them, ridiculous parodies of the processes of Life.
Torah is the Book of Life. It teaches the Life processes and the Laws upon all Life is based. Torah teaches us how to create Worlds based on Truth and Justice in Loving-Kindness. Torah teaches us the secrets of the Creation.

Most, the vast majority, of the Rabbis are not privy to that knowledge. The few who found it in each generation had to keep what they found a secret in order not to be ostracized as heretics. In order for the Baal Shem Tov not to have to learn Talmud, he pretended to be some sort of imbecile. His father-in-law, a "Talmudic genius" was so ashamed of him, he asked him to leave the town and move elsewhere. The Baal Shem Tov's father-in-law went so far as to tell his daughter that if she wanted to divorce from the "imbecile" (that is what his f-i-l thought of him because he did have a "Talmudic head"), he would arrange a divorce for her. Luckily, his wife understood that he was a hidden Tzaddik. When she refused the divorce, her father insisted that they leave the town and move elsewhere so that he (the f-i-l) would not have to be embarrassed by his "imbecilic" son-in-law – who became known as The Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Good Name). After his death, Rabbis erased the discrepancies between the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbinic clap-trap and "brought them into line" with accepted Rabbinic Judaism.
Rabbi Abraham Abualafia wrote that learning Talmud is the second lowest level, next to being illiterate.

To make matters worse, the Rabbis think that the Holy Temple was destroyed because they do not realize that their Bodies are the Holy Temple and they do not realize that the Universe and their Bodies are one and the same. They think the Temple was a building of stones.
So, not having their building in which to carry out ignorant and ridiculous, not to mention bloody and cruel, ceremonies; they then "adapted" the ceremonies to the Diaspora in which there isn't a building in which to carry out the ceremonies and the substitutes are completely out in left field.

Here in Israel there are many who want to go back to the true Path - even in the Rabbinic world. But they are careful about saying so.
We do not have to go back to the technology of those days. This is not a regression. We need to go back to the eternal wisdom which is applicable in every generation and upon which we will build a world of Loving-Kindness and the material world will reflect God as much as the Soul.

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