Monday, February 23, 2015

Why Psychopaths Seem Demonic

In order to understand what Psychopaths really are, and why they appear to have a demonic power of us, it is important to know the etymology of the word demon.
The Hebrew word Dimayon means Likeness and Imagination.
Two of the English etymons for the Hebrew Dimayon are demon and dominion.
When our Imaginations are not under our control, we are not in a state of Dominion over our minds. As in any Kingdom, if the ruling monarch is absent or incapable of ruling, chaos and various bids for power reign.
A imagination of any person who has not get gotten control of their Dimayon - that is: their Imagination, their ability to assume various Forms in creation and their Dominion over creation - will conjure up all kinds of challenges which they will have to face. Those challenges will push them to whatever limits are necessary to get us in control of our Minds and our Emotions.
Your Imagination will surely take on the forms of all kinds of "Psychopaths" that will present themselves to you in all kinds of guises and will reveal themselves, after you have fallen for the ruse, as something very different than what they presented themselves to you as. Knowing now that your own imagination is conjuring up the Psychopaths you encounter, is it any wonder they are exactly what you think you want, that they uncannily know just how to push your most sensitive buttons, that they know just what to say to you and when? Is it any wonder that they will know just how to disappoint you to cause you maximum emotional and cognitive havoc? The resulting devastation of your worldview, your image of yourself and the feeling that you can't trust anything, including your judgement, will first drive you to despair. If you are strong, you'll begin to recollect yourself silver by sliver and reconstruct yourself. In that process you will realize your power to construct and reconstruct Yourself - and in so doing you will ascent to the Throne of Your Dominion - you will gain control over Your Mind and Your Emotions and You will realize that You are the Creator.
So, thank the Psychopaths who showed up in your Life for kicking Your butt. Better yet, thank YourSelf for showing up at your door in the form of those Psychopaths. You've begun to learn to recognize YourSelf even in deep and various disguise.

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