Thursday, February 12, 2015


The topic of  Schizophrenia came up on a Friend's page. I'd like to discuss the matter here, among the people with whom I feel comfortable enough to share this information.

In the ordinary state of Human consciousness, we experience our thoughts as the ruminations and deliberations of just one personality – ours. We think, we deliberate, we imagine then we come to a decision – our own.

In a higher state of consciousness we become aware that our thoughts are actually one among a myriad host of personalities and consciousnesses  - each contributing to the deliberation from their own point of view, from the benefit of their learning and experience. Clearly, in that state of consciousness, we are privy to a LOT more input.

Those who are aware of this state of consciousness are people who have worked very hard on themselves *morally*. They have become purified enough in their intentions for the general Good of Creation to have been invited to sit as one of these deliberators and to be aware of it.
This myriad host of Wise, enlightened consciousnesses are various – each has their own personality, viewpoint and learning – but they are all absolutely and unwaveringly united in their innermost Intention – which is the benefit of All. This is the true meaning of One.

This is what Torah means when God is referred to as the God of Hosts and it is taught that the Elohim are the Judges. It is also the meaning of the teaching that God is One, but not in simple numerical reckoning. God is an absolute Unity of Intention for the absolute Good, but from infinite viewpoints, the wisdom of which is shared in the form of separate personages so that they Joy of Sharing may be experienced and also because Wisdom brings actual living Beings into existence, the highest Order of those living Beings is the Judges (HaElohim).

On the path to experiencing the Deliberations, one may experience changes in the way in which they sense things. They may smell fragrances or taste nectar. These experiences, while pleasant, are just indications that one is nicely on their way, but should not be given much attention to because they are still on the level of the sensual – not pure Moral Consciousness.

Before we are *morally* prepared to sit as One among the Host of Judges, we experience our consciousness as the consciousness of one personality – our own, as I stated above. This is a protective mechanism which both prevents us from doing more than limited damage and also protects us from more conscious input than we can receive so that we are not obliterated by the influx of too much Knowledge (also  called "Light").

There are exceptions to this. There are Souls that are in the hellish state of experiencing the deliberations and "voices" of other personalities "in their heads" (which in Hebrew would also translate to in their joy). Not being on a sufficiently high level to experience the deliberations as the bliss of being privy to infinite Wisdom, they experience the deliberations as *accusations*.  The basic difference between Heaven and hell is that in Heaven the deliberations are experienced as a vast Hall of Learning, the issues of which are Worlds. While in hell, they are experienced as a *trial* and hearing their condemnation.

Rather than smelling pleasant fragrances, these people may smell noxious odors and taste noxious things or experience being touched. These are the *Body's* interpretations of rarefied Wisdom, but on a low and unpleasant level.

The awareness of this happens normally "after one dies". Sometimes it happens when we are still in a Body. Those who reach Heaven while still in a Body are aware of these deliberations of myriad Wise Souls and take comfort and counsel from them. Those who experience this while in their Bodies but are not morally prepared for it, experience themselves as being accused and being harmed and being told to harm themselves in various ways.

While it may be necessary to turn these symptoms off for awhile in order to help the person gain control over themselves, the goal should not be the permanent eradication of the symptoms, but, rather, helping the person understand their experiences *positively*. In order to do this, their level of morality has to be increased. Any increase in consciousness has to be the Gift given to one who has worked on their traits and purified his or her intentions. If not, they are invariably hellish. An increase in consciousness that is not the product of increased Kindness, is a punishment, not a gift.

Any action in the direction of Kindness on the part of a person in a hellish state is very precious in the eyes of God. If a person who is suffering from Schizophrenia does anything toward mastering their own thoughts and impulses for the sake of the general Good, they will be given maximal help from on High.

I highly recommend the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh​ and his advanced Students to anyone who is not Jewish. He is a true Master of the nature of the Mind and the Body and he will lead people on the path of mastering their Moral Traits, their Emotions, their Consciousness and their Body.

I do not recommend Hindu meditative practices for those not born into that culture. Their emphasis on many gods is not what a person already hallucinating needs.

Buddhism is the highest of the non-Jewish paths and the one I would recommend for those who very much want to or need to get their Faculties under control. The Native peoples too have developed Moral-Spiritual paths that integrate one's Body into Nature in a very positive way. It would be better if each of us could do this in the context of our own culture, but, unfortunately the West has not produced such a culture of Enlightenment and one is advised to turn to other Wisdom cultures for help with Moral-Spiritual-Bodily matters that are causing great distress, like Schizophrenia.

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