Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's talk about Demons.

Do they exist? You're damn right they do. But they're not what you think. The truth may be worse than the myths that prevail which prevent us from confronting demons and putting them to rest because the myths describe their existence so inanely, no level-headed person will consider the idea seriously.

So, what are Demons really?

The word Demon is an etymon of the Hebrew word Dimayon, which means both imagination and likeness and resemblance.

Who are the people who most resemble us? Why Our Relatives, of course.
Dam, which we see as the beginning consonants of both Dimayon  and Demon means blood in Hebrew.

One of the Hebrew words for Relative is Krovim (literally those close to Us). Krovim is a very close anagram of the word Kavurim, which means those who are buried.

Demons are the Souls of Our Relatives, living and dead, that are buried within us. They are buried in Our Bodies, the activity of which is subconscious for the most part, and they are buried in Our subconscious minds, to which we have little access.

Our Family members, both those who are living now and those who are dead (we'll get to that later), are actually Us.

Recombinant genes simply means that Our Relatives and Our Ancestors are anagrams of Us, sort of like isotopes of Us. You and Your Family members are the same Chapter in the Book of Life, just slightly scrambled so that you resemble one another, but aren't exact copies.

When people look into their "past lives", they are actually looking at their Ancestors. Their Ancestors are themselves, just slightly scrambled and in more crude iteration. The mix provides not only individuality, but also variation on the same themes so that the various lessons in Life that Your Family and You are undertaking can be looked at from different perspectives, thus more comprehensively.

You were lucky enough to inherit the moral merits of Your Ancestors in the form of Your various Talents, Your Intelligence, Your healthy Relationships, Your basic Personality, Your good Looks (which are not only skin deep, but are actually a typographical map of Your History) and all of the other things You like about YourSelf.

You have also inherited their moral demerits. They exist in You in the form of the gnawing Disquietude We all feel (also called hauntings), the Tragedies that befall Us, Your Illnesses, Your Challenges, Your Debts, Your Troubles, Your Pain, Your Confusion, Your Disappointments, Your feelings of Unreality.

Jung was spot on when he said: “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate.” This is true of all of the good and bad in Your Life that you inherited from Your Ancestors, i.e., earlier versions of You.

Do we have free will? We have varying degrees of free will depending upon how much "fixing" we have to do for Our Ancestors (earlier iterations of OurSelves) and for and with Our current Family members (other version of OurSelves). If We have a lot to fix for Great Uncle Bob or Great Great Grandmother Milly, We will not have maximal free will. We will be free to choose whether We confront the situations we will surely be faced with honestly and courageously or not, but We will not choose which situations with whichWe are confronted.

If Our Ancestors left this world in a state of moral debt (or moral decrepitude), They are "undead". They are in a dormant state, only dimly conscious (just as We are only dimly conscious of Them), but Their Spirit does not rest. They are constantly nagging You, and Your Relatives, to make things right for them. This is a true haunting. These undead Spirits will present themselves to You in the form of all kinds of unwanted and disturbing Situations and Relationships.

The most disturbing and troublesome of the Demons buried in Our Bodies and in Our Subconscious, but not in a state of rest are the "fallen angels". That is another way of saying the embryos and feti whose Lives were terminated either because they miscarried spontaneously or because they were intentionally aborted. These Spirits are extremely powerful, much more powerful than the Spirits of adults, and they are most disturbing and the way in which They express Their agitation is extremely anti-social because they never lived to become enculturated. For every miscarried or aborted embryo or fetus, there is also either heartbroken Parents or Parents who decided to abort the fetus intentionally. In either case, they too are not at rest. In the former case, their grief doesn't allow them to rest. In the second case, their guilt does not allow them to rest. If you've got an aborted baby in Your past, i.e., if You were an aborted baby - You've got issues and they need to be addressed and brought to Peace. Any are there any among us who does not have aborted Souls in Our past? Not likely. These are most disturbing and irrational and manageable situations in Our Lives.

If a Psychopath is in Your Life, You've got undead Ancestors, most likely a completely unenculturated aborted Fetus (or two, or three…) who need Your help to live the Life they missed and are constantly clawing desperately at You from within to help them. You are obliged to do so, because, remember, They are earlier iterations (versions) of You
.  So long as there is a very disturbed Spirit within You, You will attract Psychopaths who will put you into crisis situations that will force You to either grow fast or get mulched so that the next version of You can replace You and go about the unfinished business of Your past.

It shouldn't be thought that if we have a good deal of trouble, Woe or Pain in Our Lives that we are defective or in a state of terrible guilt. We simply have to rectify something that went off kilter somewhere along our Soul's path. Ample opportunity will present itself to do so throughout our Lives. You may be sure that Everyone you see around You has work to do as well. If not, They would not be here.

Our "genetic material" and Our subconscious minds are oceanic - they contain the depths of everything we were and everything we will be.

Most of us should not concern Ourselves with the details of those past lives. To do so is not only maudlin and macabre, it is counterproductive. All of their unfinished business is present in Our Lives in the form of Our Relationships and situations.

It is imperative that we make the best of Our Lives so that we do not continue to live in a half-dead but disquieted twilight state in which we are victim to all sorts of unpleasant and unwanted situations in which we are constantly trying to fix something and pay of moral debts and begin to live fully, creatively and proactively.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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