Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Born in Sin?

Like many ideas that comprise the body of Christianity, this idea is the result of mistranslation of Hebrew and the inadequacy of other languages to support the layers of meaning of alpha-numeric Hebrew.

The Hebrew word that is translated, poorly, as 'sin', chet, actually means missing the mark. It is equal in value to the work chai, which means alive. From there, the misunderstanding went further afield and developed into an entire, unfortunate, view of Humanity.

The truth of the matter is this: We are the distillation and repository of all of the thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, prayers and deeds of all of our Ancestors. We enjoy, in the form of our appearance, our abilities, our natures, our intellect, our experiences that which they accomplished to the satisfaction of their Souls in their lifetimes. To the extent that they gave over to the very best of their ability their Soul's gift to Creation, we enjoy their accomplishments as our very being and all of our attributes and the experiences we will experience in our Lifetime. To the extent that they were not able to complete their mission during their lifetimes, we are entrusted with the fulfillment of their Soul. This is a most Sacred mission vested in us. It is our Life.

When we experience pain and/or disquietude of any kind, we are getting a signal from one or more of our Fathers and mothers saying: Hey, I need Your help here. I need you to do what I could not do. I need you to clear up a debt for me. This situation is that Opportunity. Please seize it! The type of pain we experience, be it in a specific part of our Body, in our Psyche, in the form of a Relationship or in a Situation is always indicative of the Opportunity we are being granted for fulfilling our Ancestors' hopes for a perfect world.

Sadness is always Grieving and Grief is always a call for help from the Grave. Those who feel the profoundest Sadness will attest that they often feel buried alive in their sadness. This is not an allegory. This is a statement of fact. Sadness is an echoing call from one or more of our Fathers and Mothers, by whose merit we live, for assistance in rectifying something. Any sadness we experience is the Grief of a Soul waiting for fulfillment of their Vision of a perfected Creation.

It is, therefore, not only necessary to carry out as many Acts of LovingKindness as this world, The World That is All Together Opportunity, grants us. It is necessary to will the Heart to be Joyful. Joy drives away the Grief of the Grave. Joy is an act of Supernal Will for the sake of the Creation throughout all of the Generations.
It are behooved to become zany. Yup. Zaniness is great Wisdom. When we are historically funny, we make not only those who are alive in our Generation laugh, we cause our Ancestors laugh with us. Laughter echoes throughout all of the Generations. In fact, the same word chai in Hebrew that means alive is also equal to the value of the word HadHed, which means echo. Those who laugh frequently for the sake of making Joy reign in Creation begin to hear the echoes of the peals of Laughter throughout all the generations and throughout the world reverberating within them. They hear the peals of Laughter of the Children of all the Generations within their own Bodies. And, in experiencing this again and again, one begins to hear, faint at first, but then it gains in momentum, the greatest Laugh of All - the correct pronunciation of God's Great Name pronounced only by the High Priest in the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement.

I promise you, this is no fable and these are not allegories. All of what I have written here is absolutely and literally True as stated. This is the Secret of the Resurrection. And now You know it too.

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