Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why is Forgiveness so Important ?

When we truly forgive, I mean really forgive, not begrudgingly forgive, but really and sincerely Forgive - we see what happened to us from a higher perspective. It's called "reframing", but it is actually rewriting the events in our past
And rewriting the events of our Lives is rewriting our Lives - actually, not metaphorically. Rewriting an event from a higher, more liberal perspective changes our Life story - which is an organic, living Being that is "fractally" mirrored in all Living Beings and all Life stories.
When we rewrite the events that happened to us from a higher perspective of forgiveness and understanding (in Hebrew word to understand [LeHavin] is also the root to bear offspring), we heal a Life story that had a defect and make it whole and well. In Hebrew to Create and to make well are the same root - B-R-A. To understand an event higher is to take what was a miscarried idea that came into existence, make it well and, in so doing, recreate it on a higher level.
All of the painful events in our lives are living beings that were viable enough to come into existence, but are not healthy enough to sustain Life and support the entire ecosystem. So, they languished and they festered and some died.
Those who ruminate gloomily on the past without forgiving are, quite literally, mourning miscarriages and picking in festering wounds. They return forlornly to graveyards. While this is understandable for the grief-stricken, it would be much better if they knew that they have the power to bring those miscarriages back to life, whole and healthy, and give them a renewed Spirit.
Forgiveness is Resurrection and all of the mystical-sounding stories about miraculous healing are naught but Forgiveness.

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