Friday, October 10, 2014

Body and Soul

What I'm going to talk about now is something so involved and deep that I can't translate it from the Hebrew. Luckily, I won't have to because You'll know it's true from your own Life experience. Once someone articulates this clearly to You, You won't require further proof than Your own experience

There are all kinds of "gurus" and "coaches" and whatever else they call themselves, usually selling books and courses in "wisdom", that encourage people to be more "spiritual" and describe knowledge of God as something arcane and "up there", wherever the hell that is. They tell you that one day You'll die and You'll jettison Your  Body and find YourSelf a purely "spiritual" being in body of light.

The true Teachings are not going to remove You from Yourself. Neither are they going to denigrate the Temple within which Your Soul lives. They will return You to YourSelf, make You aware of the Holiness of your Being in This World and bring you to sacred reverence of the Body in which You were born and which, if You live Your Life properly,  with God's Help, will be assumed together with Your Soul, nonetheless than Your Soul, into Heaven, which is right here, right now, and You will come to know that you are The Infinite in a Body – which is far greater than being The Infinite without a Body.

Bruthas and Sistas, the plain Truth up and down is: You are already dead. We all are. So, get over the fear of death and ditch all the weird ideas of what will happen after You die. You're already there. You, and I and everyone else around You, are as dead as a doornail right now. So, you know that there is consciousness in death. You know there is Self-consciousness in Death.  You know that there are others to be with in Death. You know there is Heaven and there is Hell in Death. You know there is Hell to pay for being mean and stupid in Death and Heavenly enjoyment for loving to give. And You know that there is ample opportunity for either improving oneself or demoting oneself in Death.  You know that Death is just like Life, because, well, they are one and the same.
We are always in a state of being both alive and dead in all kinds of ways on all kinds of levels.
You already know that in death the Body is always undergoing assumption into a realm that is beyond your knowing and is always regenerating.
That's the way it's going to be for Eternity. There will be no pleasant or unpleasant surprises. You do not have to wait to enter Eternity. You are in the midst of it. There is no prep course for the Absolute. This is it.

You will undergo a gradual unfolding of Knowledge and Awareness that will continue forever just as you have been.
You will grow in your awareness of how great the Soul is, what can be learned and You will grow continuously into a deeper appreciation for the Body in which You dwell, its Holiness, how great a Legacy it is and You will bless it for serving you. Your Body will continue to undergo all kinds of wonderful and perplexing changes, just as it has until now.

What I am trying to say is: You are not going to ever find Knowledge that is "up there" somewhere. You will grow into a more and more profound Knowledge of who You are, who EveryOne else is and existence will always be as miraculous and as banal as it is now. This is Eternity. This is the way it is. There are no other worlds. There is only the deepening appreciation of this world. Get used to it. You don't need to buy a Self-help book to know what you already know and certainly not one that is going to conjure up all sorts of fantasies in Your mind, thus delaying Your appreciation of real Holiness.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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