Sunday, December 31, 2017

The price of accepting support and advancement from GEORGE SOROS was HUMAN SACRIFICE
And they paid up.

The state that has the audacity to act in the Name of YisraEl is crawling with Soros agents. All of the judges and jurists and people in other positions of power were expected to make Human Sacrifices for the benefit of the support they got from Soros - and they cooperated.
In exchange for the scholarships and career advancement that the judges and lawyers got from George Soros, they were expected to make Human Sacrifices - Babies and Children for Sale, Adults for torture and experimentation in various Psychiatric facilities, innocents for jails.
Oh, they weren't told that in so many words. In fact, they were told that they are do-gooders. They were just expected to cooperate and not embarrass "the family".