Monday, May 23, 2016

Lag B'Omer - 
The Right Time to Tell the Truth

This weird, foreign and dangerous ceremony of fire goes against the Biblical injunction not to add to the Torah. It is part of the Rabbinical subversion of true Judaism. These are events of Mass Hysteria in which, God protect us!, people are sometimes burned or trampled in hysterical stampedes. Believe me. I live in Tzfat, right next to Meron. I see the craziness every year. It's big business. This is not Judaism.

Rabbi Akiva caused one of the worst debacles that happened to the Jewish people. He declared that bar Kokhva was the Mashiach and got the Jews involved in war with the Romans that caused us to be run out into the Diaspora. The Romans were ready to let us stay in Israel, until that proclamation got them crazy for war. And the Romans crushed us because the war was based on lies and HaShem did not support us.
Rabbinical Judaism is evil. It is not legitimate Judaism. The Rabbis and their lies are the biggest racket in the world. All of the sufferings of the Jews are because of the Rabbis.
They say they had to create a new religion because our Temple was destroyed and we couldn't do the ceremonies.
Judaism is not ceremonies! It is living Life in Holiness. There is no reason for ceremonial simulations of the processes of Life.
The Temple was never destroyed. The Temple never was a building of cold stone with cold metal implements and most certainly was never the bloody sacrifice of animals. The Temple is the Body and every Holy structure we build with our holy Bodies.
Rabbinical Judaism is evil - look at the effects of it. If they were keeping real Torah, the world would not look like this!
Rabbinical Judaism *is* the Diaspora. Their hearts are in Babylon. Their minds are in Babylon.
They dupe my People and tell them lies. They perpetuate the Diaspora and grow rich from it.
HaShem will save us from the Rabbis and forgive us for the avodah zarah they forced us to perform.

P.S. Christianity is many of the rabbinical lies taken to the extreme. It is HaShem's way of showing us, by way of hyperbole, what the logical conclusion of many of the ideas the rabbis came up with look like.
Christianity is the rabbis' baby.
It was the Rabbis' who made up the idea that HaMashiach is one person who will arrive some day.
This never was what HaMashiac is. HaMashiach is the state of consciousness in which one knows that their Body is the Temple, that it is: HaShem enlivening HaTorah and it coming to life in the form of their Body. Not only is every Jew capable of being HaMashiach - we are expected to.

P.P.S. Every Rabbi will say that I'm wrong and don't know what I'm talking about. They will either brush me off as an old, foolish woman or accuse me of heresy. But the collective memory of Jerusalem is in each and every one of us and their Heart will know that I am right.

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