Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Root of All Evil - And Its Eradication

I've learned that trying to deal with evil directly is like trying to shovel one's driveway in a blizzard.
Evil is not primeval. Evil is derivative. Evil is not the Root.
Sadness is the Root and evil its branches. Trying to eradicate evil directly induces sadness within us. When we try to eradicate evil directly, we are actually generating the evil with our sadness.
The repair, at the level of the root, is to gain the mastery to induce Joy in the Heart and be able to sustain it independent of circumstances.
Each Soul who attains this level of Self-Mastery contributes enormously to the rectification of the world and shines a beacon to guide others in the dark of their despair back to the Root of their Being - which is unfathomable Joy.

The time when commanding our Hearts to feel JOY is most important is when there are myriad reasons about us to be sad!

Psychopaths can only function in the dark, dense, slow realms of sadness. That is why they induce it on mass scales and that is why we must attain and be able to sustain Unconditional Joy - independent of any circumstances.

When we have every reason to feel sad is the best time to dance and sing and spread Joy and words of good cheer and encouragement. That is when it is most critical. The entire nature of the reality we inhabit depends on us knowing this and doing this.

Years of being a warrior against evil showed me that it was only getting stronger, taking on more variegated forms and growing. I would think that we were making progress, only to see that more heinous atrocities were being committed on a greater scale and they were taking on more perverse and horrific forms.

One day, I said: God! I've done my best. We in the "truth movement" are all doing are best and it's only getting worse. Now what the fuck do we do?! Where do we go when we see that all of our efforts are of no avail? Do we just give up? NO! Allowing the World to drown in evil is not an option!

And then I saw in a flash that only Joy heals the world. Being Joyous and encouraging others to be Joyous is the only way to illuminate the darkness and stop feeding it with our own morbid concern with it and endlessly peering into the abyss of darkness, which has to end - until we turn away from obsessing with it.

We have to go through the stage of fighting evil to gain courage and discover the abyss we have within us, but ultimately; we have to desert that in favor of no longer watering the tree of evil with our own tears.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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