Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Misery must NEVER be Allowed
to Supersede Joy

What people, most people en masse, put our attention on is what increases in the world.
The black magicians who arrange tragedies know that.
Why cooperate with them and aid and abet them? Because you've been told it's an act of loving-kindness to be miserable for someone?
If you are not directly involved, it is a far higher loving-kindness to be the embodiment of Happiness and spread Happiness. Creating actual Happiness is far greater than ruminating on misery that you only know if from the media.
I am NOT talking about being frivolous and insensitive.
I am talking about rooting evil out of the world from the root - by not watering the root of misery with your tears.
The Internet is being used to create a worldwide web of misery and panic.
Imagine the "vibes" the planet is bathed in when everyone is wringing their hands over the most recent tragedy that has been perpetrated. That brings down the whole "vibration" of reality to a low, miserable hum where the purveyors of the death industries know how to work best.
Let unhappiness be localized. If we can do something really real to help those who have suffered a tragedy, we must. Those who are directly involved have to deal with it - not everyone all over the planet who can do nothing but propagate waves of sorrow to no purpose but spreading misery for its own sake, which is the ground in which evil grows.
Bring the "vibration" up - where the Righteous can have the most impact.
We've all been told that commiserating is being a caring person, even if we have no knowledge of the people, except what we hear in the media. It is, in reality, contributing to bringing down all of Creation.
The evil people in positions of power they do not deserve and cannot handle in a happy world do this all the time. Every time they think we're recovering from the last reason they created to induce mass misery and hysteria, they perpetrate another atrocity.
And they will continue to do so so long as we react. When we no longer allow them to bring us down, they will realize they have no audience and have been defeated by Wisdom.
I want to make it very clear that I'm not talking about being entertained with petty amusements while others are suffering.
I am talking about turning our attention to the usually unseen world of Joy behind the smoky curtains so that the Light of it will shine brighter and brighter and this tragic theater now occupying our consciousness will vanish.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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