Sunday, November 06, 2016


The Clintons are getting money from the Dow Corporation.
Lynn Schusterman (nee Rothschild) of Oklahoma City, OK, runs a network of boarding schools in Israel.
Stacy Schusterman Dow (Charles' [deceased] and Lynn's daughter) lives in Tulsa and runs the Community Action Project, a charity serving the working poor, with her husband Steven Dow. Stacey Schusterman Dow runs an oil company of her own.
Families in Israel claim that their Children were wrongfully taken from them and put in these institutions run by the Schusterman Foundation.
The founder of the Family Court in Israel, the Honorable Judge Chana ben Ami, spoke out about the reprehensible actions of Social Workers in Israel and said that she was told that Social Workers have to fulfill quotas for adoptions. So, they falsify reports to the courts regularly.
The former Head of the Office of Social Affairs and Social Services, Mr. Yosef Silman, said these are for profit institutions and that he was fired because he lowered the capacity of the institutions to 80% from the required 100%. He said that American lobbyists put pressure on the Israeli gov't to keep these institutions filled to capacity. He said that about 50% of the Children removed from their homes in Israel need not be.
Ties between the Clintons and the "welfare" system in Israel should be investigated.

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