Monday, November 21, 2016

Dominion Over the Laws of Nature

It is not the natural state that Humanity to be subjected and subordinated to the laws of nature.
We are intended to be the Makers of the laws of nature.
To do that, we must love the Creation with all of our Being and we must also know that we are the Father and Mother of the Earth, not its children.

Those who do not love with all their Being, and those who abrogate the responsibility of being The Creator, are also not in self-control over their minds, emotions and body. They are, therefore and necessarily, not in control of nature which issues from us.

The same base emotions which cause a person to be subject to nature, which appears to them as at once obdurate and unpredictable arbitrary and overwhelming vagaries, also compel them to justify injustice as an expedient needed to survive.

This is not the natural state of Man. The natural state of Man is for nature to rest peacefully and securely in our lap.

Nature will rise up against us as do willful, undisciplined Children, until we take back the reigns of self-control, and, thereby, restore Peace to the House of Creation.
That rising up also takes the forms of armies and systems that appear to us to have "super powers" to compel us to do and not do as we would.

To regain Dominion over nature and no longer be subject to it one has to control One's own Self. Then there is fear of nothing. Only Love.