Friday, June 26, 2015


That the State of Israel is calling for real jail time for me, without a shred of evidence that I have even committed the high crime of "insulting" a government official, knowing that I have a 60% disability is a death threat issued to me by the State of Israel. Boiling it down: I've had a contract put out on me signed by the State of Israel.
That is what it is and that is what it needs to be called.
If I am put in jail, I may never come out. I will certainly not come out the same person and will never recover from the trauma.

I was interrogated by the police without them having evidence in hand.
The indictment was served without evidence. I heard one policeman whisper to another: "We've got a real problem. We don't have any video." But they went on with the interrogation anyway.
And the State Attorney's Office of the State of Israel served the indictment without the video and even went so far as to ask for real jail time.

The reason why this is being done is because my accuser, Miriam Benatar is the widow of Judge Moshe (Morris) Benatar who, it was reported, committed suicide by putting a plastic bag over his head. Sounds plausible....
She is a Head Social Worker in the Southern District. Moshe Benatar worked as the Head of the Repossession Authority in Jerusalem before being made a judge. There is no democracy in Israel at all in the appointment of judges. The system is as shrouded and closed as the system in Iran.

Social Services and the Repossession Authority have a lot in common. They both seize whatever is valuable to the person being proceeded against and use the commodity in whatever way they can to regain their losses. In the case of the Repossession authority the valuable commodities are things. In the case of Social Services the valuable commodities are Children.

Moshe and Miriam Benatar were married. I claim that the Repossession Authority and Social Services are also married. The State of Israel has issued a contract on me because there is supposed to be enough fluoride in the water to obviate the possibility that anyone is bright enough to understand such matters and the police are supposed to be frightening enough so that if anyone does understand they don't dare say what they understand.

I have also called for the Jewish People living in Israel to keep the Laws of the Sabbatical Year and to stop paying back their debts to the banks. Most of them are paying off interest anyway, which is absolutely forbidden in Torah. The tricks of the Rabbis do not overwrite Torah Law. At any rate, we are to be freed from all debt for one year in seven and this is that year. I am being persecuted for being a Jew and calling for the upholding of Jewish Law in the State of Israel.

I'm an anomaly that the State of Israel wants to make sure does not proliferate.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat (Safed), Israel