Friday, April 30, 2010

I received this little love letter from this e-mail:

Subject: Hello, greetings from US/California, watch your videos on YouTube all the time

Salem Mehmet to me
show details 12:52 am (1.5 hours ago)


I want to address your little statements you made:

"The good news is, if the elite who slither around in the ancient corridors of power hide from us - it means they are scared of us - and that means that they are vulnerable to attack and to being finished off."

Doreen, NOBODY is scared of you, you and your little dumb-ass friends can't "stop the elite" or "Roman Catholicism." My wife is a Roman Catholic of Slovak descent and when you insult the Roman Catholic Church, you are insulting my wife's family. Watch your mouth you filthy whore, I've already reported your Facebook profile and YouTube accounts to the Web administrators for inciting racist/violent speech.

How dare you convey weak threats about Roman Catholicism in your messages. I also noticed you try and speak for us Muslims and the Palestinians. You post video about "Rise of Islam in Europe" We are not trying to take over Europe; how dare you insult Islam and Muslims that way. How dare you call Palestinians Jews, the Palestinians are our people, the Arabs! Europeans, Arabs, and others you have ridiculed will punish you one day. I wish you pain and suffering; may you die from cancer or may you be physically beaten and left traumatized by the hands of a Roman Catholic or a Muslim. You should be aware that Muslims and Roman Catholics, and Protestants, and Orthodox are no longer enemies; quit trying to pit us against one another. Judaism is technically a dying religion; pretty soon it will be a religion of the past like Zoroastrianism. More and more Jews are becoming ever so secular and are becoming ambivalent about their culture. They marry the Euro-gentile you fear so much and have their children, their birthrates are low and pretty soon Arabs/Muslims will dominate your land of Israel. You are scared woman; that's good because you should know that Islam and Christianity dominate this world. You have no control over that.

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