Sunday, April 04, 2010

עור פני מתקלף

A Study in How Hebrew Becomes Entirely Different Imagery from the Original Thought

A dream that taught me something very deep about the relationship between Hebrew and other languages and about the way the mind works and creates images.

When my Dear Friend, Nancy Schaefer, of blessed memory, a true righteous Gentile was murdered together with her Husband of 52 years I was shocked to the core by it.

Nancy was 21 years my senior. She was, by nature, very motherly.

Yesterday or the day before I said to my Husband: I wake up in the morning to a world without Nancy. I feel like an orphan.

Last night I had a dream in which the skin on my face peeled.

The dream was very pointed, vivid and intense and I knew it was of significance.

It was only when I translated the gist of the dream into Hebrew that I understood.

עור פני מתקלף

עור פנ= transliterated into English will be ORPHAN

מת means dead in Hebrew.

The letters that remain are: י - ק-ל-ף.

If I sound those letters out in English I get: FEEL LIKE

Here we have a case not of sound-alike cognates that are derived from a common etymon, but an actual transliteration of feelings from English into Hebrew letters which produced actual words with produced a mental picture in my mind that seemingly is unrelated to the original thought.

I believe this is a key to consciousness.


The dream began with a thin strip of skin being pulled from under my chin. It wasn't painful; as it was just surface skin, but I worried it would go deeper.

Writing this in Hebrew I see:

פס דק של עור מתקלף מתחת לסנטר.

Within that, I see my Daughter's real name: פרד"ס. The word סנטר can be read again: הפרדס. 349 is the גמטריא of סנטר and הפרדס and שמט and השמד.

Next, the skin peeled from my right cheek. In Hebrew this becomes:

לחי ימין שלי

Within that phrase, one can find my Son's name: חשן.

In the phrase: עור לחי ימין שלי, the names of both of my Grandsons appear: נועם and שליו (that is how my Daughter spells the names).

Clearly I am afraid of leaving my Daughter, Son and Grandsons orphans.

Thereafter the skin peeled from my forehead:

מצחי = נצח =פסח

It is now חול המועד פסח.

Was this dream an expression of my fear, or premonitory?

Does מצחי = נצח mean that I win this battle over death, or am I headed for eternity?

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
‏מוצאי-שבת י"ט ניסן תש"ע
April 3, 2010