Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who Are the Anti-Semites?

The following is a slightly edited excerpt of a mailing I received from Barry Chamish. His work needs to be tweaked, but there is some truth in the claims he makes. I adjust his writings to bring them into line with what seems to me to be true.

I do not accept his theory of "Sabbatians".

Hitler - Jews have mocked the contention that Hitler may have had close Jewish family ties until no less an authority as the History Channel, in a Jan./04 series on dictators, revealed that Hitler razed the Austrian town he was born in, "to destroy all hints of his Jewish father." Churchill - The essential fact about Winston Churchill is that his mother's father was Leonard Jerome (formerly Jacobson, 1818-1891) a speculator and business partner of August Belmont (nee Shoenberg 1813-1890), who was Rothschild's main American representative. Jennie Jerome's marriage to Randolph Churchill, the second son of the Duke of Marlborough appears to have been a marriage of convenience, typical of many unions between spendthrift English aristocrats and daughters of Jewish financiers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - The Roosevelts were Jewish Dutch, arriving in NYC in 1682. The first American Roosevelt was Claes Rosenvelt who changed his name to Nicholas Roosevelt. FDR's mother, Sarah Delano, was descended from Sephardic Jews. FDR's primary advisors on the non-rescue of European Jews during the Holocaust were Max Warburg and Felix Frankfurter. The Warburg fortune financed the Russian Revolution and as revealed in Sydney Warburg's book, funded Hitler himself. As for Frankfurter, his family was a follower of Jacob Frank, the second "messiah" after Shabtai Tzvi, and, according to author Jerry Rabow, "United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank's portrait from his mother, a descendent of the Prague Frankist family."Joseph Stalin - The dictator, who was about to embark on a Holocaust of Russian Jews before he was assassinated, was born Joseph David Djugashvilli, meaning Son Of A Jew. His three wives and all his progeny were Jewish.Dwight Eisenhower - The war's liberating general and soon to be President's father was a Swedish Jew and was so identified in the West Point yearbook of 1915.

There are many, diverse sources which claim that both Hitler and Stalin are Rothschild bastards.

We are being undermined by Jews who have gone over to occultism and are destroying us from within.


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