Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Truth is a PsyOp

I am deeply dismayed when I see what has become of "the Truth Movement".

It started out with so much sublime promise, but it was, in all too short a period of time, overtaken with ridiculous phantasmagoria.

It was predictable that this would happen. Perhaps if we analyze just what happened, we can reverse, or ameliorate, the current trends.

When truth about 9/11 began pouring out and the powers that be saw that they could not contain the flood of information that was reaching the world at the speed of light, they decided to let the mind-bending, political paradigm shifting, emotion-racking, world view wrecking information flow unabated.

They knew that when the mind and emotions are flooded with information that is wholly new, information that shakes up everything we believed and cherished as truth and which has no analogs in our mental and experiential storehouses, that the mind and emotions would become particularly vulnerable.

When we are confronted with information that shatters what we believed to be true we are left with the possibility that everything that we believed may not be true.

Some people protect themselves from this extreme cognitive dissonance by adopting a set of beliefs and an axiology from which they do not veer, come whatever suggestion, information or experience may. Obviously, this is not the way of wisdom.

But neither is it wise to allow ourselves to be disoriented with such suggestions as: "Everything you've learned up until now has been a lie". How many times have you seen that suggestion repeated on the net recently? It's as untrue as it is disorienting.

Another disorienting suggestion that is oft-repeated of late is: "Everything that you think is history is actually revisionist."

For goodness sake, be wary when someone speaks about all of your frames of reference, when they attempt to undermine your sense of balance and trust in your own mind globally and in toto.

Having repeated these suggestions countless times on the net, particularly to young people who are presently in, or the recent products of, an educational system that has not fostered a strong sense of either history or healthy skepticism (yes, there is unhealthy skepticism, it's called cynicism), they then began with the far out, scientifically and empirically unverified and, to date, unverifiable claims about our history and our genetic lode having been maliciously tampered with by alien invaders.

To believe that species from other planets, if they exist at all (and they probably do but until proof is offered it is not balanced to incorporate such beliefs into our everyday, working set of assumptions) are malevolent is merely an extension of the prejudice that our species is characterized by. Just as we are prejudiced against members of our species who do not share our phenotype, and just as we choose to believe that which is wholly mendacious about other species who share this planet with us, so we assume that beings from another world must, if they have come here, come for malevolent purposes.

Young people are being told repeatedly that the history that we have learned is revisionist history. That must necessarily be true. How can we be completely accurate about history? The best any student of history can do is try to be as honest as s/he can when piecing together fragments of data, taking into account that the people in the events were also, as we are, in a state of partial awareness and consciousness. But what we are being offered instead of our admittedly faulty and partial historical knowledge is not only revisionist history; it is pure science fiction. This disinformation is being aimed principally at young people whom the people doing this PsyOp know do not possess the scientific or analytical tools to refute the claims.

So, instead of young people concentrating their energies on critically important issued which are empirically and scientifically verifiable, to wit: how the WTC was destroyed, the actual activities of the UN, The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Codex Alimentarius, researching chemtrails and Morgellon's Disease, HAARP and other real, nuts and bolts critical issues; too many are speculating about the orbit of a planet about which no serious astronomical evidence exists to support believing that it exists at all, underground facilities where various aliens are performing heinous experiments, and the destruction of the planet on Dec. 21, 2012.

Is it not abundantly evident that 12 21 2012 is a simple code? Is it not apparent that vast numbers of people are being triggered by it? Don't be one of them. Even if you were "programmed" to react to the code, you can override the programming with a bit of balance, common sense and self control.

The Black Ops folks cynically manipulated the mass expansion of consciousness to accommodate vast amounts of new information and the radical changes in thinking and emotional structure that that information brought about into mass psychosis.

There is a difference between having an open mind and having your brains spilling out all over the floor.

This unsubstantiated distraction is occupying our time and frittering away on energy. It is keeping us from focusing on what really matters: building a world that is fit for human habitation.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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