Sunday, July 06, 2008

NIBIRU - The Truth

By now most of us have heard this new PsyOp going around. Though I'm sure that most people are too intelligent and level-headed to go for this travesty, I am also sure that you will meet some who do go for it and you'll meet people who are in the intelligence community who are spreading this psychic virus.

If what I write below can help, please disseminate it freely.

As someone dedicated to Torah, fluent in Hebrew and familiar with other Semitic languages, it breaks my heart to see how people are being led astray. To you the terms used sound very exotic indeed. To me they are basic Hebrew. I'll make matters clear to you so that those of you who have been led innocently astray may understand correctly. I'll also state what those who persist in spreading these distortions may expect.

Nibiru is a Semitic word based on the radical bet-reish-aleph, which means 'to create'. The pronunciations are slightly different in each Semitic language, but the root is common. In Hebrew the word would be pronounced niv'ra'u. Adding an 'n' prefix would make the word either passive or second person plural, or both. So, the meaning would be either 'created' or 'we created them', or both.

There is nothing otherworldly in this and there is no reason to assume beings from other planets to understand the meaning of this. It is standard Judaism that man is God's co-creator.

The Hebrew word anak does mean 'giant'. But the radical ayin-nun-kuf also means 'to give', 'to bestow', to 'gift'. And this is the meaning in Torah. The Anakim were those who were giants in giving.

Although the radical nun-peh-lamed, the root of Nefilim, does mean 'to fall', it also means 'to prostate'. The Nefilim were not fallen angels. They were those who were prostate before HaShem.

There has always been hell to pay for attempting to arrogate the Jewish tradition and understand it without proper instruction.If you do so you will drive yourselves mad and scare yourselves to death based not on what Torah says, but on the phantasmagoria in your minds.

Statues of lizards from way back when are not proof that the ancients were in contact with lizard ETs. It means that they venerated the speed, agility and predatorial ability of lizards. It also means that they were just as susceptible to delusion and exaggeration of abilities and wishing to identify with that which they considered powerful as we.

When outsiders attempt to seize the secrets of Torah their Souls are assailed by chimeras in their imaginations. The English word demon comes from the Hebrew word dimayon, which means both 'imagination' and 'likeness'. The images we see are our own likeness. If they are monster, they are the monsters you created when you attempted to seize Torah and interpret it in accordance with your will, which includes hatred for the Jews.

Leave Torah to the Jews who have been properly inculcated with the true Teaching and are fluent in Hebrew and familiar with numerous Semitic languages. Only we understand these matters properly.

Find God in accordance with the gifts of your own Soul. You cannot have the portion that God has set aside for us.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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