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Noam Chomsky, NLP and Mind Control

Chomsky discusses 9/11 in the following:

It was so essential to the government that Anarchists not question 9/11 incisively that they dragged out their biggest anti-Anarchist gun, Noam Chomsky, to quell any questions among the Anarchist ranks before they were asked.

Oh, yes. Chomsky is on the government payroll. According to people who worked with him at MIT, he was on their payroll from the 1970s.

Noam Chomsky's job is to keep the Anarchists on a low flame.

He does this in many ways. The most effective way in which he does it is by utilizing a mind control technique that he was instrumental in developing called Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Please see the following sites for a brief introduction.


Chomsky's role in the development of NLP is discussed on these sites. As you see, his research in linguistics played a pivotal role in the subsequent development of NLP.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is just what it says. It is a potent form of mind control that programs one's neurological wiring utilizing speech. It a sophisticated manipulation of cognition, including what one feels sympathetic about, how one perceives reality and even one's memories.

Innocents have said that Chomsky's work as a linguist and his activities as an Anarchist, or soi-disant "fellow traveler" are wholly independent. They would like us to believe that Chomsky's work as a linguist is wholly discreet from his political beliefs.

Chomsky's students of NLP reveal that the situation is otherwise.

Robert Dilts writes: "According to Chomsky, sensory and emotional experiences (deep structures) may be expressed through a variety of linguistic descriptions (surfaces structures). Deeper structures reach the surface after a series of 'transformations'. These transformations act as a type of filter on the experiential deep structures. According to Grinder and Bandler (1975) the movement from deep structure to surface structure necessarily involves the processes of deletion, generalization and distortion."

Likewise, the manipulation of the "surface structures" that is linguistic descriptions have a profound effect on the "deep structures", that is what people experience subjectively.

A skilled programmer manipulates said processes of deletion, generalization and distortion to suit his objectives. People who use NLP this way are almost always government employees. Their objectives do not jibe with Anarchy.

The following quote from Dilts is more bone chilling. He writes: "An *imprint* is a significant experience or period of life from the past in which a person formed a belief or cluster of beliefs, often in relationship to one's identity. An imprint experience also often involves the *unconscious role-modeling* of significant others. The purpose of reimprinting is to find the resources necessary to change the beliefs and update the role-models that were formed (not simply to resolve the emotional issues associated with a particular event, as in the NLP technique of *change personal history*).

This is a classical brainwashing and mind control technique.

Might these techniques be used wisely and well by sensitive and caring mental health practitioners? Yes, most certainly. But they are not used thus by the governments. They were employed in conjunction with hypnosis; sensory deprivation; physical, mental, emotional and sexual torture; massive, repeated electro-shock; the administration of psychedelics and opiates, as well as other drugs, by agents of governments as the following links demonstrate amply.


MK ULTRA was an internal programme that involved some 150 known sub-projects. Many involved NLP in conjunction with the brutal methods of mind control mentioned above. Many of those programs were geared toward children as their 'subjects', small children at the start of their rigors, as well as adults.

And we have Noam Chomsky, our putative "fellow traveler", in part, to thank for that. His work was invaluable to the mind control technicians.

He is no friend to the Anarchist movement.

For all his soft-spoken, bespectacled, frail appearance; he is a sophisticated mind technician. That is the reason he has been working at MIT, one of the government's hottest hot houses of research, for half a century.

His writings and lectures should be considered for nothing more than valuable mines of NLP technique.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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