Monday, June 22, 2009

The Startling Contradiction Between the Propaganda and the Truth of the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services

This is what the Israeli non-profit organizations, which are running a brisk estimated 5 billion NIS business trafficking in children, have to say about themselves:

And this is a translation of just the headlines that have appeared in the news recently:

Counsellors Are Violent With Children in the "Babies' House" home run by the Ministry of Welfare

Baby in the Israeli Gulag – Investigative Journalism Expose About a Kidnapped Baby

Abuse of Children housed in the "Etgar" Institution Run by the Ministry of Welfare

Life in the Hostel for the Retarded "Beit Andrew" in Rishon L'Tzion: Hunger and Cold Showers

Ministry of Welfare – The Workers Committee – The Management – And Their Strange Considerations on the Account of those Housed in Institutions and Citizens – The "Gil Am" Institution

Nightmare in the Mesila Jail for Juvenile Girls Run by the Ministry of Welfare

Ministry of Welfare – The Immediate, Total Evacuation of Youth at Risk from the "Nofit" Institution

Ministry of Welfare Against Investigative Journalism About Abuse of the Part of Workers of the Ministry Toward the Helpless

Israeli Ministry of Welfare – The Biggest Failure in the Care of Children in Distress in the Western World.

Report: Violence and Neglect in the "Hadasim" Institution

No One's Girls – The "Tzofia" Institution, Run by the Ministry of Welfare

Chemical Torture and Neglect of an Eight-Year-Old Boy in a Foster Home Run by the Ministry of Welfare

Aged Five to Nine, Abuse and Neglect in Foster Home, Girl Raped by the Eldest Son in the Family

Sexual Molestation of a Twelve-Year-Old Girl in a Foster Home – The Local Department of Social Services Archived the File

The Children Endured Sexual Abuse, Rape and Unnatural Acts at the Hands of the Father in their Foster Home

Translated by Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

The original Hebrew version is from this site:

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