Sunday, May 23, 2010

PHYSICS: Phrakchured Phraktell Phairy Ptales

"Physicists" just don't get it.

Bohm explained the matter patiently to them over a period of decades, but they refuse to see.

The Uncertainty is far deeper and more problematic than Heisenberg imagined.

Everything subjected to the gaze of fragmented consciousness is fragemented by it.

NONE of the data recovered by the investigations of Physicists are of any value at all, except if one is amused by kaleidoscopes.

Physicists are oh, so enamored by complexity. They imagine that if they grope at the complex, they must be great geniuses indeed. The more complex what they imagine they see is, the more of a monument to their genius they imagine it to be.

Witness the Physicist playing the role of the role of The Fool in the Theoria of the Mind.

Reality is shattered by their brutish, brazen attempts to apprehend it and bring it into custody in manacles and gyves. It grieves till it crumbles that they wish to slam-shut it up in a drawer of their file cabinets in their laboratories. CLANG! CLICK! We got it now!

It summons up the concept of acceleration in order to be able to flee from them every faster. It incarnates as ambiguity in order to confound and mock them.

It recedes in infinite revulsion under their arrogant, greedy gazes which, when looking at reality, can only see the vaingloious reflection of their their most cherished phantasy- receiving the Nobel Prize for having discovered The Theory of Everything.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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