Friday, May 01, 2009

Social Worker CORRUPTION in Israel

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Points discussed in the video:

4000 children kidnapped in Israel every year. 4000 in Britain
Populations 7,411,000 against 61,612,300
Israel has the highest pop of children in institutions
Most adoptions are closed adoptions
Children in Russia were never taken away because the mothers were poor
Child Psychiatrist threatens to claim a mother abuses her daughter after a check 500 NIS (about $125) bounces
Girl sent to Mesila girls' prison because her mother couldn't care for her
Girls interviewed at Mesila
Children in Mesila threatening to commit suicide if they are returned after running away.
Post-psychiatric hospitalized children being physically abused
Police going on TV and telling the public that a family is abusive
Social Workers coming at 10:00 with police because someone called
Grandmother whose Russian grand-daughter taken to Closed Adoption at age 6
Single mothers losing their babies only because they are poor
Russians and Ethiopians singled out
Social Workers have incredible influence in Ministry of Interior and
Judicial system
Children being given multiple injections and pills and put into isolation for extended periods – just an un-ventilated room with a bed. Some children have tried to commit suicide.
Multiple stories of abuse in institutions
Multiple stories of children being drugged
Child died of administered Methadone even though father warned that the child is in danger with his mother and her junkie boyfriend. Now they want to take the man's other children away from him.
Woman who called SWs for help and wound up having the children taken awayThere are cities that seem to have the most children stolen by SWs. Dimona leads the list. There 17 times more children are taken per capita than in Modi'in

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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