Sunday, May 17, 2009

Connecting the Social Worker-Mind Control-Terrorism-Satanism Dots

There aren't many people in Israel that are aware of what I am about to write herein, and I want others to know this so that if anything happens to me, the knowledge does not die or get shut up.

Anyone not familiar with the documented facts that Nazi mind control and social engineering scientists were brought into the US and elsewhere in the developed world after WWII and that they were integrated into the military-industrial complexes of Western countries and given free reign to conduct mind control and social engineering experimentation on adults and children alike, is encouraged to research:

Mind Control Experimentation, Project Paperclip, MK ULTRA, Donald Ewen Cameron

One will unavoidably encounter the far out claims of many of the "conspiracy researchers" and be justifiably put off by the outlandishness. That is calculated. The fact that even Presidents of the United States are mind controlled is very sensitive information and it is invariably accompanied with bizarre claims. There is, as one might expect, a great deal of misinformation and disinformation out there. When one begins to investigate these matters one will, inevitably, fall across fantastic claims that are intended to throw serious investigation off track and make those who research these matters sound like kooks, and worse. A bit of common sense goes a long way. Mind control is as real as "shape-shifting reptilian aliens" are not and let us not fall prey to primitive attempts to distract us.

Here are two short videos of then President William Clinton. In the first, he admits that "unethical" experimentation was indeed carried out and issues an apology to the subjects:

In this video, it is clear that he was himself a mind controlled subject:

Notice Michelle Obama's right eye. Her eye shows the tell-tale semi-paralytic sag that results when a mind control procedure is carried out too roughly or clumsily.

Let us cherish no illusions that nice Jewish boys and girls would never cooperate with the infiltration of Nazis into the Israeli government, military, scientific, medical and academic establishments. We Jews remained their prime target, even as we were during WWII and there are Jews who cooperate with them even as there were in WWII.

Having seen the following information about Eitanim:

my educated guess is that this facility was a center for mind control and that matter should be investigated.

Notice the hand gesture Michelle Obama is making in this recent photo of her:

Here are photos of many leaders making that same hand sign. The site explains what it is. I am not Christian, but I suggest this Christian link because the Christians are far more sophisticated about what is going on than the Jews (it is high time the Jews got hip to this too!):

Yes, Satanism has infiltrated and become widespread among the elite. And let there be no illusions about it: Freemasonry, which many people in positions of power and influence must belong to if they wish to advance, *is* a Satanic cult, though most members are not aware of this until they get up to the higher degrees. (However, one must wonder how any person with basic common sense could not understand that something is radically wrong from the very initiation ceremony.)

I will not go into details as to why I say this, but let it simply be stated for the record that all child abuse is related, either proximately or in the recent past, to dark paganism.

Satanism here in Israel is associated with cruel, foolish and stoned kids putting on black T-shirts and jeans, piercing their noses and killing cats. That is a very serious error and it portrayed thus by the media to the purpose of misleading us. It is immensely more sophisticated and insidious and its effects are far more pervasive in society than that. It's real effects are: the growing drinking, drug use, violence, semi-literacy, family structure break-down, moral relativism, New Age shops, psychiatry, psychotropic drugs, the medical profession that relies on pharmaceuticals, vaccinations containing mercury, aluminum and fetal proteins (from abortions!) and the entire system of dealing with families with problems, which grows ever more horrific by the day.

In "The Pedophocracy, Part VI: Finders Keepers" (which is excerpted from David McGowan's book PROGRAMMED TO KILL) a few excerpts of which I've recopied below, that which is putatively a cult, The Finders, but which is really a CIA Black Operation, is discussed. The group members engage in *the* most horrific forms of sexual child abuse.

I encourage you to read the entire chapter, but for the time being let's focus on the following excerpts.

"Other documents identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, a keen interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement."

"Further inspection of the premises disclosed numerous files relating to activities of the organization in different parts of the world. Locations I observed are as follows: London, Germany, the Bahamas, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Africa, Costa Rica, and 'Europe.' There was also a file identified as 'Palestinian.'"

"A huge database system designed to find sexually abused children is under development in the US. The US Justice Department's Child Victim Identification Program will include a catalogue of thousands of illicit pictures seized from suspects and collected from the Web. This could make the Justice Department the "owner of the world's largest collection of child pornography," AP reports".

"However, there could also be a very sinister goal being pursued. Researcher Arlene Tyner, who has spent a considerable amount of time interviewing and corresponding with victims of mind control operations, noted in a Probe magazine article that some of these victims "were turned over to military/CIA doctors by pedophile fathers or other sexually abusive relatives. CIA officials also blackmailed family members known to produce 'kiddie porn' in order to gain control of their already abused and psychologically fragmented children." It is certainly within the realm of possibility that the high profile child pornography raids in recent years, which invariably result in relatively few arrests and even fewer prosecutions and convictions, are not intended to punish the victimizers, but to identify and compromise them. And is it not inconceivable that the databases being compiled will be utilized as something of a recruitment list to identify those persons who have been 'preconditioned,' so to speak, for future mind control operations."

(emphases added by me)

We are aware that the pedophiles in the government and other elites are blocking investigation into child abuse but now we will discuss how the abuse of children is *used* by the elites to both *prime* and *induct* children into the mind control programs that are sine qua non for advancement in the criminal elements of the upper crusts of society.

Cathy O'Brien articulates how the intelligence community blackmails abusive parents to recruit their children into their mind control programs in exchange for not being prosecuted and she explains how trauma primes the mind for mind control and how they then build on that using sophisticated, trauma-inducing techniques. According to her testimony, one of the people who recruited Cathy was Gerald Ford, who, subsequently, as we know, became President of the United States.

Though I do not wish to go into details at this juncture, I too know that this is true from personal experience.

Cathy O'Brien has stated and written that she saw George Walker Bush (Jr.) also undergoing mind control procedures at one of the facilities that she was taken to for "conditioning" and "programming".

How does this relate to the Social Workers? Social Workers are trained to interact in formulaic ways with the children and families who come to them for assistance or are referred to them for assistance. The ways in which Social Workers are trained to interact with their charges is calculated to induce trauma.

The approach of the Social Workers to parents is calculated to make them feel: dirty, disoriented and defective – all of which make them easy to manipulate and give up their children or be far less able to defend them.

I wish to emphasize herein: it is not the Social Workers themselves who are determining these policies. They are acting in accordance with the instruction and instructions they are given. It is essential to discover who is determining these policies.

As Nancy Schaefer has so correctly pointed out, a large number of traumatized children is desired by the recruiters. Many will become utterly dysfunctional as a result of the trauma they endured. Among the rest, some will have too much character to be able to be used further. Of those remaining, the ones that the agents of horror deem are useful will be sorted according to their particular personalities and talents. They will be trained to be entertainers, business people, intelligence assets including agents provocateurs, military personnel, spies, assassins, sex slaves, drug mules, other types of couriers, terrorists (Al-Zawakari was trained in mind control at Oxford), social workers, future programmers, and even Heads of State.

We need to be very clear about what we are dealing with and who is going to attempt to torpedo us.

With respect, gratitude and blessings,
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat