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Zionist Eugenics - the Social Workers

I can't stress enough the role of the Social Workers in the corruption in Israel - the absolute ugliest and worst of the corruption – the Eugenics program that is being carried out against the ethnic Jewish groups that the State of Israel targets for povertization and worse.

Zionism is a Vatican-controlled, pan anti-Semitic programme – by that I mean that it targets specific ethnic groups of Jews as well as Arabs. This was true from its inception. Theodore Herzl, the self-hating Jews, turned to the Vatican for a solution to what *he* referred to "the Jewish problem". In fact, the conflict with the Arabs is a smoke screen. The main target of Zionism is certain Jewish populations: Sephardim, Temanim, Ethiopian Jews.

The Vatican and other powerful interests in Europe do not care if they have to kill, maim or destroy the lives of 100 or 1000 Palestinians in order to morally debase one Jew by making him or her into a murderer. Because of the well-known conflict between Israel and the Arabs, no one hears when the Jewish targets of the Zionist Eugenics programme when they cry.

Please check the list of the Heads of the Labor and Welfare Ministry over the years. That is the ministry under whose administration the Social Workers are.

In English:

In Hebrew:

The number of Prime Ministers who first headed that Ministry first is astounding. Most of the Heads of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare who became Prime Minister were high-level Freemasons.

The Supreme Court Building was donated by the Rothschild family, known Shabta'im and Freemasons. Familiarize yourself with Freemasonic symbolism. Then take a look at the Supreme Court Building. You will understand that the entire judicial system in Israel is in the control of Shabta'im/Freemasons. They are not atheists. They are worse.

Avraham Burg was called: "The One Who Crowns the Prime Ministers". He is also implicated in the disappearance of the Yemenite Children and cooperation in the irradiation of Sephardi children.

The excerpt from ENDGAME that I'm attaching speaks about the Eugenics movement. The photos at the beginning are very graphic and disturbing.

ENDGAME - Eugenics/ Population Control - Pt. 1/5

Please pay attention to what is said about Social Work from about 5:20 into the video. *They have never diverged from their original purpose*. Everything said about them in that video as to their role in 1910 is true today.

To the poor in this country the Social Workers are far more frightening than ShaBa"K and certainly vastly more than the police. They absolutely terrorize people in many ways, the worst of which is taking their children.

Not incidentally, a full third of Israel's children are under the official poverty line.

There was a show on Israeli TV that discussed the relative worth of different ethnic groups of children on the adoption market pyramid. White, fair-haired, fair-eyed children fetch the most on the baby market.

It's so bad that the non-Jewish, single Russian women in Israel who are quick enough on the uptake to have noticed that an inordinate percentage of them are deemed unfit mothers and have their blonde babies taken away, are deliberately having babies by non-Whites so that their babies are not born blonde and blue-eyed.

The Social Workers are the agents of the Eugenics programme in Israel - and Israel has a most draconian programme of Eugenics in full swing.

Single and poor mothers, who are justifiably afraid of being reported to the Social Workers by the Well Baby Clinics if they don't vaccinate their children, do so even if they are aware of the links between the vaccination and autism. At the Well Baby Clinics and at the National Health Insurance Clinics mothers are told by doctors that they are neglectful parents if they don't vaccinate their children.

I *know* for a fact that the Social Workers are aware of the risks to babies from the vaccination, yet they routinely and repeatedly ask single and poor mothers if the children were vaccinated. Single and poor mothers are terrified to say no. So, they take the risk. One poor single mother who was well aware of the risk of the MMR vaccination and was very frightened of it because her child had had fevers after vaccinations in the past said to me: "If I don't have him vaccinated, the Social Workers will take him from me and have him vaccinated. The baby will be vaccinated and I'll be without him." How does one argue with that?

Today, 1 in every 250 children has an autism syndrome to one extent or another. Less than a generation ago, it was 1 in 20,000.

I also *know* for a fact that the Social Workers know there is a galloping increase of cancer, autism and retardation among children in Israel because those children are all on lists at their local offices. They know that vaccines have been implicated in these illnesses. There have been TV shows about it, court cases documented in the mass media and there are sites in Hebrew on the web by specialist physicians warning about the dangers of vaccinations. But the only mothers who dare not to vaccinate their children in Israel are those who are economically independent and/or politically connected. If there is the slightest chance they'll come in contact with a Social Worker, they vaccinate their kids. Any mother who is not rich and well-connected might have the Social Workers at her door because they get involved in *every* divorce case - except among the rich, powerful and famous.

Straight up Eugenics.

And this is only one of many equally heartbreaking and morally outraging issues.

The Social Workers are organized internationally. So, the fight against the people who agents they are must be international. No injustice in Israel can be fought within the confines of Israeli borders because our policies are determined in the Vatican and in London. No, not primarily in Washington DC or New York.

Evil is the correct word.

This is the modern expression of child sacrifice and I do not mean that in a figurative sense.

Many have sound reasons to believe there are people in places of power who partake in extreme rituals to desensitize themselves so that they can rule absolutely without pangs of conscience.

I believe this sacrifice of children is not only profitable, but ritual.

May God give us the strength and courage to fight this.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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