Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Answering the "Charge" that the Ashkenazis are Descendants of the Khazars

Would that the story of the Khazars were true!

Avraham and Sarah were the original converts. All converts are called ben Avraham if they are male and bat Sarah if they are female. God loves converts more than born Jews because they choose to be Jewish.

It would be an honor to be descended from recent converts.

To be a convert is to actually be like Avraham and Sarah, not just descended from them. It is to share in their merit.

Would that that were my lot!

What people who claim this don't realize is that every Jew is the child of a convert.Either we are the children of Avraham and Sarah or we are the children of those who chose to be as Avraham and Sarah.

The Prophet Ovadiah was descended from recent converts, as were many greats in Jewsish history.

Those who say disparagingly that Ashkenazi Jews might be the children of converts, show their total ignorance of Jewish Law and history. We are all the children of blessed converts!

To the Blacks who claim that they are the real Jews and we imposters, I say:

The Sabbatean/Frankist Rothschild family were very active in the slave trade. The Sabbatean and Frankists are not Jews. The Sabbateans and Frankists were excommunicated. They, like you, pretend to be Jews as an expediency.

Because they entertain pathological ideation about what they think Solomon's temple is: they were very careful not to capture Blacks from the areas of Ethiopia and Somalia, because the descendants of King (Shlomo) Solomon and The Queen of Sh'va (Sheba) are found mostly in those areas.

If your ancestors were taken into slavery, it is very likely that you are *not* descendended from Manelek, the son of King Shlomo and the Queen of Sh'va.

And why is it that you don't know Hebrew if you're Hebrews? Why don't you know the Holy Language if you are God's holy ones? Nothing we endured made us real Jews forget Hebrew because it is our very Soul.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel


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