Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Lubavitcher Rebbe - Phony as a $1

The Lubavitcher Rebbe handing out $1 bills to people always bothered me.

After seeing this video, it bothers me even more:


Supposedly, he gave the $1 bills to people to encourage them to give tzeddakah (charity).

Are we to believe that those people never gave $1 worth of tzeddakah until he prompted them to?

And the only way that he could get them to give tzeddakah was by giving them $1 bills.

They wouldn't have done it at his request or as a result of him explaining the importance of tzeddakah. Of course not. He had to give them $1 bills to show them how to hand out a bill.

That wasn't very good education, because if they copied him like chimpanzees, as ChaBa"D Chassidim are wont to do, and gave out a $1 bill, just as he had given them, they would be back to where they started before he gave them the $1.

But we must assume they were taught to give out more than that by the Rebbe.

Certainly they wouldn't have given tzeddakah from their own desire to give tzeddakah, or as a result of reading the teachings of other Rabbis and their parents.

No, they had, absolutely had, to have a $1 bill handed to them in order to understand and do the mitzvah of tzeddakah. There simply is no other way to teach the mitzvah.

But wait, they didn't give those dollars that he gave them away. They kept them, because the Rebbe had given them to them and they wanted a holy memento from the Rebbe.

Trouble is, all those dollars have all-seeing eye in the pyramid emblazoned on them, which are ancient symbols of avodah zara – idol worhship.

And, if you describe a Jewish star around the pyramid on the dollar bill, the points point to the letters M A S O and, you guessed it, N, within the Latin expressions around the pyramid, including the one that says Novus Ordo Seclorum - New World Order.

Here is the symbol I am referring to:


Notice that the name MASON only has five letters.

So, only five points on the Star of David can point to those letters.

A star with five points is a pentagram - a very Satanic symbol indeed.

And so, what happened is that the Rebbe insured by giving those $1 bills away that thousands of Jews would have a permanent symbol of the all-seeing eye in the pyramid with them at all times.

And let's not forget the "minhag" of pouring a drop of "the Rebbe's vodka" from a "farbrengin" into bottle after bottle of vodka to make it holy. L'Cha'im! L'Cha'im!

I wish to say unequivocally that the vast majority of the followers of ChaBa"D are completely innocent and trusted their Rebbe implicitly.

They were foolishly duped into a cult, but they did so innocently.

They were, and are, fools, but they are innocent.

From the very first time I read the Tanya I knew something was wrong with it, very wrong.

It is a sin to tell people they are spiritually relegated to be "beinoni'im".

No one has the right to put a lid on another's spiritual advancement or potential.

We must believe that everyone can be a Tzaddik. And we must project that belief to everyone.

Can there be a worse heresy than saying that a human being is Ein Sof b'guf – Ein Sof personified?

Can anyone deny that having pictures of him everywhere, including in synagogues, is not a Jewish practice?

I, for one, knew there was something wrong with the Rebbe cult from the beginning and during the one time I saw the Rebbe in person I felt bad energy emanating from him.

I knew that ChaBa"D is not kosher and, as is known, I left.

Judaism has been imbued with the worst of the worst avodah zarah.

Face this fact!

The Jewish people have been targeted in the worst way for Masonic mind muck.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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