Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Anarchy is Systematically Undermined

Anarchy is a prime target for being torpedoed. It's done so easily. The economic and political powers that be don't have to destroy Anarchism as a movement. They simply render it ineffectual by planting people who ridicule anything that doesn't sound like what they want things to sound like and they want it to sound like monotonous, droning, ever-repeating words and phrases that, having been repeated endless times, become boring, emptied of content, hypnotic. The petty and weak-willed among you, those who need an orthodoxy to guide their way, and those who have hitched their entire identity wagon to Anarchy take their cue from that.

There's a species of bird, I think it's the cuckoo actually, that will expel any chick from the nest that doesn't nod exactly as the family does. One errant nod of the head, and the chick or fledgling is pushed out of the nest before it can fly. Anarchists, sadly, have been brought to the lowly emotional and ideological state of the cuckoo - and you have done so willingly.

They are instructed to throw out the good and the bad in religion alike so that no one is left who cultivates humility or attempts to suppress their ego or attempts to practice unconditional love.

They so easily play on your ego. If someone doesn't behave properly, feel free to feel one up by calling them "annoying", or worse.

The momentary satisfaction of feeling superior to someone is more valuable to too many of you than the Anarchist movement and all the hope it holds out. And that is why you're ineffectual.

Nuance is more important to you than substance and that is why the Anarchist movement is fractured to the point of being crippled.

One Israeli Anarchist's recent behavior toward me is typical. Rather than celebrating the fact that there is another Anarchist in Israel, we are a very rare breed, and reaching out to me in solidarity; he wrote me a snide little post because I didn't immediately go into a harangue about the wall and all Anarchists must do that - it's the nod, you know, everyone *knows* that.

He's one of those Jewish Anarchists who need to prove himself to the Gentiles. My feeling is to say to him: lose the inferiority complex, Jew boy. They can feel your desperation and it's embarrassing to us who aren't doing figure eights to be accepted.

It's not my way to concern myself with individual expressions of what's wrong. I do the systems analysis of how the rich and powerful work and articulate what's wrong to others. That's my style, my particular talent and my potential contribution if you'll recognize it as such. I know that there are people that are much better at details than I, and I am confident that they will carry out their tasks, in accordance with their talents and aptitudes, and, in so doing, make their contributions to The Cause. Their work complements that of the people who see overall systems. The one does not contradict the other and most certainly does not impede or devalue the other. If you'll be wise enough to recognize the contributions that others who think and work differently than you can make to Anarchy, rather than insisting that they nod the nod right; you'll realize you've got worthwhile comrades and you will encourage their dedication. If not, the loss will be to the Anarchist movement in general and we'll all continue to suffer a while longer.

Too many of you do not yet understand that the differences in people are their relative strengths and you most certainly don't know how to make the best of that, how to utilize those differences, which are strengths as complements and supplements of one another. The Rothschilds do. Their whole empire is built on that knowledge. Someone by the name of Davidson sent a letter to Nathan Rothschild on June 24, 1814. In the letter he wrote, "As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world." Saloman (Salmon) Rothschild wrote the following to his brother Nathan on Feb. 28, 1815, "We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential." Would that Anarchists would understand this! But you don't. That is why their boot is on your neck and will remain there until such time as you learn to work with others in tandem without jealousy, contests of will or thinking of others as threats.

There is another extremely important matter that the Rothschilds have down pat that the Anarchists have not begun to understand. Reality is this *and* that, not this *or* that. If you think disjunctively, if you think that you must line up on one side of an issue or the other, if you can't think comprehensively – you are the easy prey of those who can. They see all sides and know how to work them to their best advantage. So must we if we are to defeat them. We must learn to think conjunctively as they do, in terms of this *and* that, to be able to handle paradoxes, to be able to reconcile apparent contradictions - not opportunistically as they do, but creatively, or we will continue to be their sorry slaves and unwitting agents of their plots and schemes, that is, to be our own worst enemies.

The universe favors and fosters integrated complexes and systems, whether they are good or bad. Those who can form a complex, integrated, cooperating system will always have the advantage over those who, for the sake of petty ego and the cheap thrill of squabbles, insist upon being atoms.

Rather than understanding that if Anarchy is to work there *must* be endless nuance (not annoyance, nuance), you take any difference you see as a sign that it is issuing from "a foreign body" and expel it like so much pus.

Anarchy is a great and noble undertaking and vision.

Pettiness and greatness of character both reside within the sphere of human possibility, with the former being the easier of the two options, admittedly. Yet, both can be encouraged and brought to greater degrees of expression. *You* allow those who would manipulate you by encouraging your innate pettiness to do so. You can make the choice to listen to the few who urge you on to greatness. That is what I am attempting to do in writing this. Be smart enough to recognize something intended for your well being.

The petty are wholly unfit for Anarchy. The people pulling the money strings know this. That is why they plant people among you who make being sarcastic and jaded look sophisticated and cool. But they are not wholly to blame. Your willingness to go along with it is your culpability and cooperation with the powers that be and yours alone.

If you cannot, or will not, become great; you deserve to be oppressed and controlled and downtrodden and impoverished and humiliated and brainwashed until such time as you have had enough and are prepared to swallow the "bitter pill" of cultivating humility and unconditional love for another Anarchist.

First effect a revolution in your own hearts and psyches and at the very least be able to overcome the momentary pleasure of a cheap put-downs for the sake of solidarity. Only then will you begin to be fit to call yourselves Anarchists.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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