Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Endgame": The Information Every Anarchist Needs

"Endgame" is an extremely important video.

Agents planted in the Anarchist movement are telling people that this is "conspiracy theory". No, it's not. It's business as usual. As you'll hear in the video, it is GW Bush (or Busche, as his family originally spelled their name) himself who refers to this information as "conspiracy theories".

I've been thrown off Anarchy list after Anarchy list for exposing this information. Agents in the Anarchist movement don't want you aware of this.

Most Anarchists aren't aware that they have been co-opted and recuperated. The assumption is that Anarchy is so radical that it can't possibly have been pre-empted. Wrong. Long ago, a diluted, capitalist-sanctioned "Anarchy" was crafted and most go along with that line. There are very few real radicals in the Anarchist movement today.

AnCap is nothing but sold-out Anarchy.

I invite you to become a true Anarchist.

The information in "Endgame" is crucial to understanding how critically important the anti-capitalist forms of Anarchy are if Humankind is to escape the plan already set into motion.

They use the lame excuse that Alex Jones isn't an Anarchist. So, disregard whatever he says.

Only the stupid, and those with vested interests, aren't grateful for information this vitally important from wherever it comes.

This information is an explanation of just how important anti-capitalist forms of Anarchy are. Why?

Because this is what *any* ultra-rich, ultra-powerful elite will eventually arrive at simply because it is human nature that as we attain more and more wealth and power, we become inured. The ability to feel is gradually reduced as every want and desire is fulfilled.

Some want to kill of at least 5/6 of the Earth's population and enslave the rest and the really freaky among them want to destroy the planet entirely for a very simple reason: it's the only thing they haven't experienced yet. It's the only "kick" they haven't had. This is where "been there, done that" inevitably leads.


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