Sunday, October 15, 2017

Scary Numerology

Let's do some real Hebrew Gematria. This nonsense numerology has to be addressed because it is confusing and frightening people who have no basis for knowing how to refute it and their fear and confusion is very real and causing their worlds to be chaotic in actuality.

13 is the value of the Hebrew word אהבה, pronounced ahavah, which means love and One.

32 is the value of the Hebrew word לב, pronounced lev and means Heart.

HEART is an anagram of the word EARTH. ארץ, pronounced Eretz, is Earth. The English word Earth is a slight mispronunciation of the Hebrew Eretz. The German Herz is another etymon of the Hebrew Heart-Earth connection.

33 is the value Hebrew word גל, which means wave. 33 is identical to 1032. So, 33 is the value of עלץ לב, which means joy of the Heart and therefore Joy of Earth.

666 is the value of the Hebrew term כל התורה, which means all of Torah (Torah is Terra, which is all of actuality). It is also the value of the Hebrew term כל דורות, which means all Generations. It is also the value of the Hebrew term כל יום, which means every day.

There is nothing that can be done with dark numerology that can't be fixed by those who know Gematria on levels even the Rothschilds cannot imagine and have no mastery over whatsoever. They function on a very low level of numerology. Don't worry. Everything they are trying to do is even now being overwritten.

However, if you attach yourself to the lower, darker interpretations, those are the ones that will affect you. So, I suggest you leave this stuff alone and leave it to the Experts.

They have managed to make you believe that which essentially Holy is bad and scary and have you breathing fear and distortions all over creation. *That* is the dark magic.

Breath Peace. That is all you have to do. Breath Peace. If you do, you will come to understand why this is essential.

P.S. If Yeshu had been the Messiah he would have taught you these things. This is precisely what the real anointed Ones do.