Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Talk Honestly About Abortion

This is a very interesting case:

Inside the Controversy Over Man Charged with Murder for Slipping an Abortion Pill to Pregnant Girlfriend

Why is with ending the life of an unborn child in someone else's body first degree murder, while ending the life of a child in one's own body the right of a woman to do with her body as she wishes?
Why is a father killing his unborn child a shocking crime, while a mother ending her child's life a simple medical procedure - no biggy?
I guess this case had to happen to jar people's consciousness and begin to deal wit the reality of Abortion.
Straight up: I think that abortion not in the case of a woman's life being truly threatened by the pregnancy or in the case of incest or rape - I'm talking about abortion for convenience - is the worst kind of premeditated Murder there is and the women who do it the coldest-blooded and dangerous premeditated killers on the planet.
Abortion for convenience is not just Murder - it is the Ultimate Atrocity - orders of magnitude more terrible than any other murder.
The nonchalance and banality with which the Atrocity of Abortion is treated, the trivialization of this act of Ultimate Brutality, even on the part of anti-abortionists who treat it like "normal", murder shocks and appalls me.
Abortion is not only the termination of an absolutely helpless life - it is the termination of GENERATIONS of lives, the absolute obviating of life that will never be because of the abortion for unknown time.

Perhaps the sheer magnitude of the Crime of Abortion is too much for most people to allow their emotional structures and minds to deal with.
The worst part of it for me is that I have to say this.
No one goes further than calling Abortion Murder.
It's beyond Murder.
There isn't even a word for this level of Genocide.

What people don't understand is that Pregnancy is not one stage in life.
We are all Feti, still hooked up to a Support System that we are struggling to become strong enough to do without, to wit: banks, business, gov't.
Do we not become incensed when we become a nuisance to The System and it decides to abort one of us?

But at our level of development, we have *some* means of defending ourselves. An embryo or fetus has none.

Let's stop being PC about Abortion and let's snap ourselves out of the trance laid upon us about the Issue of Abortion.
There is a reason why matters are arranged such that abortion is the most difficult form of the termination of life to commit.
In order to commit an Abortion, a woman must be willing to have her own flesh torn into in order to kill her child.
Anyone who is capable of so much hate for Life that she is willing to wound herself like that to harm an innocent life, her own child no less, is unspeakably Evil.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

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